Jack Osborne well what do we think folks!

MS Society appeal this evening, I thought he did a brilliant job! Well done Jack.

Wendy x

I thought he made a really good appeal. Well done Jack

He was great and so were the people sharing their stories. Heres hoping with raising the awareness of MS more people will donate to the cause. The only one that wasnt impressed was my wee boy as I paused his film to watch it. Lol Polly x

BBC 1 Jen

Just watched it. I thought Jack was really good and came across really well as did the people in the video.

Thank you Jack!

Shazzie xx

I must say i did have a tear in my eye listening to the ladies stories. Brought home how i feel at the mo!!

Jack did good, was really impressed with the whole appeal and hope it opens alot more peoples eyes to MS and the fct you can look ok but really you arent!!

And echoing Shazzie “thank you Jack” ( i didnt actually know he had MS until i read about the appeal. )

Kate x x

Must say I had a tear or 2 as well.

i thought he did well but lots of people on a facebook ms site were slagging him off.

so i put my tuppence worth in and said that he did well in a 5 minute slot.

carole x

I thought it was quite depressing, a stark reminder of how hellish this disease is :frowning:

I thought he did great, made me feel quite emotional too! I hope a lot of money has been raised for the MS Society today. :slight_smile:

He’s RRMS isn’t he?

Any mention of PPMS? Sorry to be all divisive, but as a PPMS sufferer I’m getting mightily fed up of the “wow, but you seem so fine, despite your limp. A friend of my friend has MS and she (always a she!) has trouble talking and keeps having blackouts.” Etc etc etc etc.

Must just be strong silent types I guess, us PPMS folk.

I thought he came across brilliantly . Made me stop and think

It was really good, well written and emotional without being too bleak. I thought it hit just the right balance.

Hopefully it will make the general public realise that we might look fine but can still be quite badly affected. I liked the way it didn’t just focus on the physical problems as well. I hope it raises lots of money.

Tracey x

Link to a video of the LifeLine appeal on the BBC - I hope the link is allowed!

Thought this was very good - was emotional watching it though. Great job Jack. Awareness needed. People are so quick to judge. Perhaps if they understood what we go through, they would be more supportive and less judgmental. x

Hi All,

I think Jack did a great job with such a small time slot. There will always be people who spout negativity “Always”. This is a young man who has just become a dad and has got his life back on track. No matter how rich or poor we are, MS is still MS… I say well done.

Jane x

Just watched it.

Yes, well done Jack.

But as a middle aged bloke with PPMS (or one 10,000 out of the 1000,000) I felt it hard to relate.

Good on ya, Jack !!

Only criticism of the film (…not Jack himself) is that it seems to focus on RRMS and women.

Would have been nice to include representatives of all ages and both sexes with different types of MS before making any appeal.

But, I suppose if you only have a few minutes (…is that all MS is worth ?), you have to concentrate on the biggest demographic ?!!


I think any appeal is better then no appeal. I used to nurse people at the extreme end of MS who were unable to move from the neck down…male and female. One lady in particular used to paint beautiful pictures by holding the paintbrush in her mouth…a lovely inspiring lady. May be it would have been nice to have heard about some of these stories but to be fair there wasn’t much time. Like I said earlier Jack did a really good appeal

Yes know what you mean about PPMS and SPSS, I suppose it is felt that (without wishing to upset us older MSs) that it’s the young with children who feel it most. Must say I feel lucky that I was able to raise my daughter, with only mild symptoms completly oblivious to what was to come. Seeing the elderly chap with the shakes (I know people in his predicament) couldn’t help make me hope some of my relatives were watching when they tell me “ah but Parkinson’s is worse”. All Neurological conditions can be bad including ours, of course some forms of Motor Neurone are worse, watched my uncle pass away after only 2 years of dx.

Wendy x