Hi, today at 14:45 BBC One has a lifeline appeal, MS Trust!

Might be an idea to have a look see M x

Thank you for a perfectly timed reminder M

I knew about the programme this morning… and promptly forgot! But I read your comments 7 mins before the start, so it’s se to record.

Hope you’re doing ok

Sonia x

Well I’ve just watched it, is it okay to say I’m disappointed? I wanted more understanding of PPMS, is that selfish?

Any way guys M x

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Only just seen this, so I missed it, never mind.

Pam x

Not sure how highlighting a marathon runner is going to increase donations, particularly when he said he would not allow MS to stop him, as if we had a choice. Of course, I wish him well in his endeavours, but MS tends to take what it likes and all you need is lesions in the right place and down the plughole you go.

The rest was ok and hope it swells funds for MS Trust.


Scott Mills talking about his Mum put a lump in my throat x

Oh eck, I forgot it was on… I even had the MS Trust card out as a reminder but I don’t have the TV on at that time :-/

Anybody know where I can view it?

Twinkle Toes x

You can still view it here.

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Thanks for the link, I was too late to catch it but will look at iPlayer

Nina x

Hi Whammel,

Thank-you for the link, I tried it but unfortunately I can’t access it :-/

Do you know if I could find it anywhere else?

Twinkle Toes x

I just tried the BBC link and it still works, so should be ok. The MS Trust has the same link on their front page, but with a little more information on the film.