Anyone see BBC news

Just been watching BBC NEWS and some possibility existing drugs for other stuff may help slow down or alter PPMS I dont know any more than that but thought I would mention it. Don

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It’s here…

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It looks like this one for secondary MS. Multiple Sclerosis Research: Multiple Sclerosis - Secondary Progressive Multi-Arm Randomisation Trial

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Wouldn’t that be great? My dad who has MND takes Riluzole and I definitely think it is slowing down his progression slightly, although he’s still very frail and getting worse, but not at the rate he was going down prior to dx. If it works for him, logic says it might work for for ms. We share a Neuro who specialises in ms so I would think he’d prescribe it for us if he thought it would help. I’ll ask when I see him again.

I wonder if anyone else is on any of the other drugs mentioned and noting an improvement while taking them.

Cath x

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Yes, I saw it. Unfortunately, it’s very, very old news. It’s The MS Smart trial thingy. I applied for it nearly 2 years ago when it was first mentioned. The trial takes 2 years to complete. If it was opened on time I would be coming to the end of it about now. My neuro said a couple of weeks ago he did not know why it was taking so long to get started. May be another 2 years??? Oh dear.


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Hope and excitement, the truth is out there I just wish they would hurry. In the mean time guys exercise ‘what’ you can when you can! M

Yes I saw it and thought I’m sure I’ve heard that before! So thanks Marty for confirming that I have heard it before!

AND as Whammel points out it’s currently for SPMS (although it is great news for folk with SPMS of course).

It means that we’ll once again get people asking about the ‘cure’ they saw on the news. sigh

What is good though is that does seem to be a lot more trials for progressive MS since that Progressive Alliance started. Cup is half full.

Pat xx

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