PPMS Trial

It appears we have a new trial looking to treat PPMS.


It is good to see that something is being done to try to help us. Sometimes you feel abandoned. Teresa xx

Yes great to see trial for us! Let’s hope it gets good results!

Pat x

There is quite a bit going on, but suspect it will take good few years before we see any benefit.


Wow… amazing amount going on. Yes I’m sure will be a few years… but great to know so many trials are happening. Gives us all hope! (and for those who come after us!).

Thanks Whammel. Hope you’re doing ok. Sure you must be relieved not to have armed soldiers in your street now? Although I suppose they’ll be back for paralympics?

Pat x

Hello Pat,

Normal life has returned to Fish Island and there is not a helicopter in sight, or sound, which is unusual. I didn’t mind the armed police too much (the tank was excessive though), but really objected to the Old Etonians claiming all the glory when it actually had very little to do with them. Pity the odious Boris never mentioned that the location was entirely down to Ken’s vision, although I guess that’s not a shock.

I was really looking forward to the Paralympics, but the fact they are being sponsored by Atos defies belief. Do you know if the proposed boycott is still going ahead?


Hi Whammel, I was also shocked that NOBODY mentioned the fact that Ken Livingstone was the one who won the bid for London. So typical of the Posh Boys.

Yes I think proposed boycott is going ahead. Seen a couple of things on Twitter so will try and find them and post on here.

I seem to hear a lot about Fish Island… I think you are living in one of the new super trendy places! And someone told me they went to good restaurant there.

Everywhere seems to get trendy if I live there and then move out… happened in both Brixton and Wapping. Lived in both when they were slums. Moved out and then suddenly they were THE place to live. Funny that…

Pat x

Here you go Whammel:


If you subscribe to this group you get loads of updates of demo’s, boycotts, etc etc.

Pat x

The only restaurant here is in Forman’s smoked salmon factory and it is very good, although it helps if you like salmon. At the moment there are lots of arty types around (mostly in Percy Daltons peanut factory), but expect they will get moved on as the place gets discovered and prices rocket.

I know Wapping pretty well and it’s virtually unrecognisable from the eerie deserted place of thirty odd years ago. The Town of Ramsgate was a favourite haunt back then, which thankfully is still there and unchanged.

If you wonder who those people are behind you, don’t worry, because they are only property developers waiting to see where you settle next.

Thanks for posting the site and I will keep my eye on developments.

Hahahahaha yes I did wonder who they were!

Do you remember the China Ship in Wapping? Near St. Katherine’s dock. I used to live across the road in Matilda House. Was deserted… all of the dockers had moved to Thamesmead. Was very eerie but also rather beautiful. Loved walking around the docks. Old London town… all smartened up now. Yes I remember Town of Ramsgate.

If you were also there 30 years ago our paths probably crossed. Strange eh?

Pat x

Oh yes, I remember the China Ship and have fond memories of a particularly drunken party at Matilda House, although better not provide any more details just in case we did meet there.

I don’t know if you have been back lately, but there is a fine (if small) memorial park on the river, which is a perfect spot on a sunny day. Actually, it’s not bad in the rain either.

Haven’t been back for ages… drunken party at Matilda House? Bet I was there!

Cheers Whammel… good memories…

Pat x

I just started a new post about this trial before I read this thread. My neuro put my name forward for the trial but because I also have NF1 I am not suitabel apparently.