Interesting article

Has anyone else seen this?

Somebody sent this to my husband earlier. I have no idea about the science involved but it does look hopeful doesn’t it? I wondered how you’d get on to a trial for this kind of thing?

Once again something positive and something to give us hope, but how many years away?

Tests and trials and funding issues take such a long time.

I’m not holding my breath!

It does look interesting, I have an appointment with my neurologist next week and I will ask about it although I am not currently resident in the UK but I will be interested in what she thinks this latest news.

I am sure it will be sometime before it becomes available if at all. I was diagnosed just over a year ago with PPMS and not currently on any medication and I am always hoping they will find a miracle cure! If only.

A friend of mine did point out that it’s undergoing human trials so further along than a lot of trials I guess.

I ran the London Marathon in 1999, was diagnosed with SPMS in 1997. My sister ran the marathon in 2010 and beat my time by 50 seconds, I dream of a cure that means I can run again and beat her time!


Thanks for the article,very interesting.I reckon WE should launch someting (a large rock perhaps) to say that if the usual ludicrous time frame for testing a new drug is suspended,there would only be about 10,000 of us with a crayon to sign any disclaimer to help trial the drug.Now where is that crayon…?



If it can put the brakes on (I’m PPMS), then I really hope I can get it whilst still on my feet, albeit pretty wobbly!

I read this yesterday on the dark side (MS Trust) and then got really worried as I couldn’t find any reports elsewhere … but today it seems to be everywhere

Sonia x

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It’d be good if the beloved MS Society showed an interest.Over the years there have been lots and plenty of claims about ‘new drugs’,but my schoolboy biology sees the reasoning behind the idea.Hopefully the idea can be applied to more ‘popular’ conditions;Dementia would be a goody and WE can hobble in on the coat tails.


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I want to talk to my neuro about this article when I see him in a month. But when I add threads to my favourites, they don’t appear in my favourites list anymore (they used to before the site “upgrade”). But if I post, I’ll have it on the list of things I’ve posted. That’s a bit cock-eyed, isn’t it?