Interesting Article

Hi All

I went to the chemist this morn to pick up some bits and whilst there I was chatting to the pharamcist lady and she was telling me that her hubby has just been diagnosed with MS. So we were just generally chatting about MS when she threw out there that in Canada they have found the cure! Before I ran (yeh right!) home and packed my bags to head to the airport I thought I would read up on it…

Its by no means a cure - but it really was an interesting read. I dont think I am allowed to post links on here? But if you google Montreal gazette and MS its the top link. About a young doctor who underwent, along with 23 other patiens a bone marrow tranplant.

Sorry if this maybe old news - I dont often read up on stuff like this!


Thanks for the post, I found the article fascinating. Great to see evidence that stem cell treatments have the potential to have such dramatic results. Of course early days, but a 95% survival rate is high when considering the chance of having a near normal life. Of course the question is for how long, and does it just work on young patients, but at least hope!. And I for one would take the odds. All the best, Peter

I’ve just googled it and it certainly looks promising - especially for those with an aggressive form of the disease who may be more likely to consider equally aggressive treatment. Thanks for posting - I love reading about exciting advances - always positive Jane x

is this the same treatment as someone who is blogging for MS UK (used to be MSRC), I wonder?