Hello folks, following the debate/personal attacks ??? on anon over the latest greatest “cure” for MS, stem cell treatment is this to be THE cure since the last cure that happened in every country, it seemed, apart from Britain, CCSVI, which only cost you several thousand pounds to be carried out, and had folk clamouring for it to be done here, rubbish, all of it, why, a claim by Sue Ellen somebody, claims that she will send out 2 reports " FREE" that she followed and is now clear of MS, the list of fellow Americans who read the reports and followed her, Baseline of Health and are cured are testimony to the truth, so follow Sue Ellen (wasn’t she in Dallas), aye right, the only cure to rid a body of ME, for a time, is a dozen pints of Guinness, it may leave you with some unwanted symptoms next day, but, for a length of time, you feel like walking in the air, it also helps bowel movement next day, anon ( Brian)

Stem cells for MS is not a cure for MS they hope they will repair the myelin.

People in USA have to still take a DMD a year after Stem Cell Treatment.

Even after an immune system reset then stem cells inserted soon as immune grows back your back to square one similar thing with some people whos had mitox they take copaxone later on down the road soon immune is back to full strength.

I did alot of reading on this and watched videos posted on youtube, not seen anyone with MS walking around normally and saying everything is back to normal etc after their stem cells. Have a look yourself on youtube and see what people say.

One USA woman had it said she felt better while staying sat in a chair, she did not walk around or show how better she is, her nerologist wanted her to go back on a DMD and she refused.

Stem Cell therapy is also a real treatment for other diseases/damage, CCSVI was just a scam with people making money off the back of very bad data!

Anyway just search on youtube MS stem cells interesting viewing.