Research, stem cells, cures and all that!

Happy New Year to you all. I have been pondering (again) and it’s got me thinking that if we are given the stem cell tables or however we get them in 10 or 20 year’s time. Will we still have MS, and will it continue and will we still have to inject nasty stuff into our bodies. Sorry to sound negative, I do want a cure and I think what they’re doing is wonderful but wouldn’t it be better to find out what’s causing it and stop it before it begins. Just a thought!

Love Wendy


Hi Wendy,

I wanted to say where I think its’ vital to find the cause of MS and therefore hopefylly a preventative measure. I also agree, as a person with MS myself; that research is being made in reaction to the millions of people that currently have MS.

Afterall, future generations would take 20 years at least to fully contribute to our society. In terms of helping the economy, new health staff with fresh new ideas etc etc.

Apart from that and this should be blatently obvious really. I think that the amount of people with MS suffering with all kinds of ailments in the present would highly appreciate it if their symptoms could be at worst, helped and at best actually MS be cured; while people are still able to fullfill their lives.

Mean no ill at my post hun and it is just another opinion on things

hope you are well yourself,


Anna x

Thanks for your reply Anna

I do support the research that is going on (in more than just words) but it suddenly occured to me after adulation at the thought of a cure, that stem cell treatment would only be a temporary measure and could (unless I’m mistaken) regress back to having MS,. I think they should continue with the work on vitamin D3 and consider giving children (especially children of people with MS) a daily dose in some way or other. Also still look at the way fat in our diets affects our possibilities of developing MS.

Happy New Year Anna

We can only hope so Peter.