Stem cells worked in mice

I would advise everyone to visit the daily mail web site and read this very positive story x

While the results from this study are interesting and encouraging, stem cells in MS are still experimental. It’s important to note that there is no proven available for MS anywhere in the world.

I wish I was a mouse.

It’s an interesting start. I hope that further work will be done to see if these results could lead to a new treatment.

The Barts & London site has a more sober view.

I’m a rat… might work for me!!!


I wouldn’t advise anyone to check the Daily Mail website.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to check the Daily Mail website. Lol Seriously though any advances in research etc are usually available from respectable sites and in a less sensational manner than a tabloid. By the time something like the Mail publishes this they have cut and pasted a few interesting words from a serious source that was available months ago which also shows how significant the research actually is.

Sorry to sound negative but since diagnosis 12 years ago I have been told by various neuros not to get my hopes up as stem cell carries out many risks to us with MS and if the geniuses who are working on it get it all safe for people like us then I doubt if it will be in our lilfetime but may help those who suffer in the far future.

Thanks for the link though.

Shazzie x

All this actually at the moment a non starter.

There is some really good research with the Yanks on Your Tube with B cells and a anti MS vaccination and immune re progam

the immune system and also gene therapy.
I think its the MS Centre if your interested in the direction that real scientists are going, alot is medical double dutch techy bio talk
but nobody is talking stem cells.

Their idea is stop the cause and the body will take care of the rest.

Daily Mail really is a daily sunday sport in every news genre.

I haven’t read the Daily Mail article, I read the other two articles that are linked above. The only pages worth looking at in the Daily Mail are the puzzle pages!