Anyone seen this?

Pretty interesting

Yes, slightly less sensational coverage here on this very site:

I’d hardly call a Phase 1 trial involving just nine people “finding the holy grail”.

Like all these things, it’s interesting, but far too early to tell whether it will ever translate into a safe and widely-available treatment.


Does anyone know how you get onto the Phase 2 trial that they mention in the MSS article?

Living in the right country would get you off to a good start!

A letter/e-mail to the lead researcher (Prof. Stephen Miller at Northwestern U) should find out if they are still recruiting.
You should be able to track him down via
but that is in Chicago.



I have only been an ms’er for just about a year or so, but imagine this sort of story turns up once a year or two???

Would be amazing if it turns out to be true. A trip to Chicago would be nice too


Hiya, great news if it works for all, but a damper, will this be the new wonder that the NHS must pay for so save folk spending thousands of pounds on the last breakthrough regards veins, that was done on foreign shores and has led to what, exactly, a cure, wasted wasted time and money, how many are cured, or claim to be, Brian