Has anyone else seen this?

Have they found the (or even a) cause, or just a symptom?


Very interesting Geoff, I’m with you on that, have they or haven’t they? Sounds promising though, better treatments would be a start at least.

Agree it is an interesting read. I firmly believe in the near future whilst we may not have a cure we will know more about it and possibly even some really effective treatments.

Here’s hoping x

Kat x

Yes saw it in the paper this morning. It’s a little bit far away for most of us to be affected by it. But for generations to come it could be a total game changer. Obviously I’ll be looking to see what Dr Giovannoni thinks about it as I trust his analysis more than anyone else’s!


I agree with Sue. Interesting and possibly a game changer for future generations but unlikely to be near enough to benefit may, if any, of us.

There’s a big story in The Mail this morning as well (I read it cos of the crossword!) about the stem cell treatment , I don’t know how to provide a link unfortunately, but it is interesting. Hell of a lot of money though & only 75 treatments carried out here, over a 1000 elsewhere. Down to funding again. xx

Barts MS blog posted on Rab32 protein yesterday.

Well perhaps it’s a step nearer…I hope so.