Has anyone heard of this?


Cos I certainly haven’t!!! We need a cure soon.


yes-i had heard…

2 things-its NOT a cure tho exploring its benefits can only be good,eventually…

2ndly - i am NOT a rat…!!!

ellie x


Just a quickie question - why do they ‘test’ these drugs/therapies etc out on rodents?

Asking as, don’t understand how they can say things will help in MS, when I do not know of rodents getting MS. So how on earth do they test and also - its hard nuff for us to get diagnosed; so how the hell do they know for sure that these rodents have MS?

thnx in advance

god bless

Anna x

Hi Anna,

They don’t have MS. I’m sure we’ve spoken about this before. They have a lab-induced condition resembling MS. It’s an experimental model, for the purpose of testing the drugs, because animals are not known to get MS naturally. That might be interesting in itself, but it might just be that it has such a long gestation period, that most species other than humans don’t live long enough for symptoms to become apparent.

Although there might be no shortage of human volunteers who think it’s worth the risk, they cannot ethically test straight on humans. If they did, they would no doubt have killed a good many over the years. So they are forced to test on creatures that (a) aren’t human, and (b) don’t have MS (but a good approximation).