Research do they use primates?


Don’t mean to start an argument or anything but have been wondering for a while whether primates are used in ms research? If they are I would have a problem with it, am I being overly sentimental or am I right to find it wrong to use such intelligent and human like creatures to help with research, just would like other views as some of my friends believe it may be part of what’s needed to find a cure.

Wendy x

In what way wendy, do you think they would be using the primates? Are you thinking about drugs?

Yes Blosson, possibly drugs also stem research. I know they have used primates in some Neurological research, never heard of it related to ms though.

Wendy x

I don’t know about this country but I know abroad, they artificially induce ms into primates. According to when you do a web search. I think these creatures should be protected but that’s just my opinion. I can also see the importance of research. I’d like to think there was an alternative to using primates. xx

Me too xx

And me x

Yes they are, but not in this country apparently. Stick “primates” in the Barts & London search and it comes up with a few hits.

Mmmm me thinks it could be true, one day these things will be viewed as we view what nazis did in ww2.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy,

Before anyone gets on their high horse and starts condemning me this comment is just to play Devils advocate, this is not my opinion.

Why just single out primates. Surely dogs, cats, mice all feel pain and terror too. And if you get rid of all animal testing how would new drugs be developed? Do you have a reasonable alternative?


I don’t believe in animal testing at all but I’m not clever enough to know, if there’s an alternative. Don’t they already do testing at embryonic and cellular level?

Why indeed! That’s exactly what my daughter said as she knows my love of animals and hate killing things, even mice, for me it’s probably because I know primates are so closely related to us and are probably aware of what’s going on. I am mainly vegetarian by the way, only started to eat fish after dx.

Wendy x

I believe you are right Blossom; but not being a bear with a scientific brain, I’m not sure how advanced they are with this.

Wendy x