People and animals

When this site first got going I posted an MS related topic about animal experimentation and sought views. A day or so later I looked and there were a few comments and 40 peole had read it. Next to was a post - How do I get an Avatar? 140 people had read it. Sort of explained a lot to me…

Probably wasn’t so much an accurate response to people’s views on animal experimentation as much as people’s preoccupation with trying to make things work on here. Remember that people were struggling with the real basics in the first few days like trying to log on and actually write posts. I reckon if you reposted it now you may get a better response. B x

Go on,stick it on again! Anne x

Hi Bonnie1 It’s a massive issue that most will have oposing views on. I myself don’t like animal testing or animal cruelty in any shape or form. In fact I get very upset. However it would be massively hypocritical of me to say I have not benefited from animal testing and don’t use drug therapies that used animals on there way to being certified. It’s a very black and White issue I feel with medication. Onone hand you could say only use human’s for testing but unfortunately the world we live in now simply will allow it. I don’t agree in using products other than medical ones that have been tested on animals but the truth is, the majority of products in our houses have at some point, be it in development, whether it was a product tested many years ago or an ingredient tested years ago and known to be safe with humans, then modified without testing and marketed as not tested. Humans abuse everything they touch. Be it the wildlife about them, the earth underneath them or the sky above them. We can all do our bit to jump off the ride that is life and sooth our troubled soul’s but at the end of the day even if we don’t buy into it, there is always somebody who will. So yes I use drugs tested on animals, I don’t like, it but at the same time given an alternative I would change. Thing is everything I could change to has at some point been tested Well. Strudders

Hi Bonnie I didn’t see this post myself as I had trouble logging on at the start and have MS hug and back pain constantly which stops me from doing too much on the computer. I too would be interested in your post. Must say that I do think about this issue now and again, I don’t like the idea of animals being used for research into MS but have decided that I definitely would not like the idea of primates being used. If I discovered that primates were being used I would have to seriously consider whether to support money going to research. Love Wendy x

I don’t know what point you are trying to make here - I assume it’s some sort of criticism that other people’s priorities are not as morally worthy as yours. Please remember that, every single time any one of us spends a moment relaxing in front of the TV, or buying something we want rather than need, we are spending time, energy and money that could have gone towards helping right wrongs in the world and improving the conditions of the less fortunate (whether humans or other animals.) Now there are a few saints who take that literally and give it all away. But most of us sin morally in this regard pretty much all of the time, wouldn’t you say? It’s a rare person who is so blameless that he/she has earned the right to be sanctimonious about it. I detest cruelty to animals with a passion, and I am keenly interested in animal welfare. But your post did get my goat (so to speak.) Alison