Animal Testing

Started this evening trying to find out whether Fairy liquid is tested on animals. However the answer is not clear cut, and animal welfare orgs seem to be saying that lots of companies do use ingredients that are tested on animals, while making claims that their product is not tested on animals, if you see what I mean. A PR exercise they seem to be saying.
Anyway as part of the research I looked at Animal Aids site, and to be honest I was truly apalled. Some of the experiments carried out are horriffic, carried out on monkeys (10,000 EU, a third in the UK), thousands on dogs. What they have to endure quite frankly beggars belief. I thought that things must have moved on at least on the welfare side.
Anyway Animal Aid has a list of charities that conduct experiements on animals and does include MS ones. When I first read this, I felt that perhaps the end does justify the means. However I have changed my mind. There is little concern for the pain these animals suffer, some are experiemented on again and again and live in terrible conditions. At the end of all this, the results do not always prove that the drugs are suitable for humans.
So I wondered what others thought?