So what's the news on vitamin E anyone?

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I watched a programme on the telly box, It involved a very clever vet who treated a dog with vitamin E; the dog had numb legs and was unable to walk. (I immediately thought that dog has ms). The vet said there was a chance that the dog would recover, but if he didn’t then there was a bleak outlook for him.

After the treatment the dog recovered a friend who also watched the programme was wondering if there was anything in this for us humans with Neurological problems. I was not convinced that dogs and humans would share the same biology.

Having googled it I’ve come across papers that have been published on the subject, it is being used to treat people with Altziemers, Parkinsons, and some forms of Sclerosis (presuming Multiple. I’ve been looking for foods that contain vitamin E and here are some that I’ve come across**.**

Has anyone else heard of this phenomenon? If so why haven’t we heard about it.

Wendy x

Top 10 Vitamin E Rich Foods List

· 1) Almonds. 1 oz: 7.3 mg (27% DV)

· 2) Spinach. 1 bunch: 6.9 mg (26% DV)

· 3) Sweet Potato. 1 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)

· 4) Avocado. 1 whole: 2.7 mg (10% DV)

· 5) Wheat germ. 1 ounce: 4.5 mg (17% DV)

· 6) Sunflower seeds. 2 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)

· 7) Palm Oil. 1 Tbsp: 2.2 mg (11% DV)

· 8) Butternut squash

· 9) Trout

· 10 Olive oil**.**

The only recommendation I have heard on this subject was from that well-known expert Rod Stewart, singing ‘Hot Legs’. He certainly seemed to think it would do the trick for him, so why not give it a go? (With apologies to those who are too young to have a memory incapable of figuring out why they have gone into the kitchen but nevertheless packed tight with 1970s pop lyrics).

Alison :slight_smile:


I’ve just looked up the lyrics to Hot Legs. I had no idea they were so dreadful. So awful. Nasty.

Obviously my brain is packed with lyrics to other dodgy music whilst being unable to retain anything remotely useful.

Otherwise, I have nothing to add to the subject of Vitamin E. Sorry.


Isn’t it interesting how something we saw as standard coarse-but-fairly-inoffensive Jack-the-Lad blokey humour in the mid-1970s looks so odious and creepy now? Still, we’ve all got the face we deserve by 93, Rod included, Vitamin E or no.


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Thank you Alison and Sue, yes I do remember said pop tune by Mr Stewart but then some of his other lyrics weren’t exactly well thought out. “Do you want my body, if you think I’m sexy” I ask you!

When my friend asked a chemist about vitamin E; the chemist replied that this vitamin has been underestimated, so not only could we lack vitamin D and vitamin B but we might have lacked vitamin E as well. We might as well have swallowed every vitamin and mineral under the sun,

Wendy x

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yuck! rod, i ask you!

vitamin E has taken a back seat now.

yuck again

You mean you don’t already???

Flippant reply out of the way - this web site is one of my bibles for a balanced view of supplements, and here’s the vitamin E pages:

(stay on the US site if offered the option, the UK site is just Boots) - very interesting reading.

As usual, do your own research before being your own guinea pig.

As for Rod Steward - what a furr-ball - bleugh!

Thanks for the post, Corkie

Jo x

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Hey guys, leave Rod alone! It was different in the 70s. Where did 10cc get their name from?!

What about Lady Marmalade, Vous voules couche avec moi?, My ding a ling, Alice Cooper? Loads of them!

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Ew Poppy, I’d never wondered about 10ccs name before. Now I wish I hadn’t looked it up!! Enough already. Rock bands in the 70s got away with a hell of a lot of nastiness.


The Loving Spoonful, Steely Dan, Captain Beefheart … what ARE you all getting so worked up about? Can’t see it myself. :wink:


So did the celebs! All the celebs taken to court decades later. Things were deemed “acceptable” then that just are NOT today. Even the comedy programs and comedians…Alf Garnet, Jim Davidson et al. It was really funny then, rather embarrassing now…

How’s you doing? X

Ah yes, those dear old days when a decent, law-abiding pervert could letch over schoolgirls to his heart’s (or any other part of his unpleasing anatomy’s) content without anyone getting upset or annoyed. How we miss them! :slight_smile:

The 10cc thing did make me laugh, though - I had never heard that.


Thank you Jo for this very interesting link and thank you to everyone else as well, you certainly gave me a laugh (not that the sexist creeps were anything to laugh about) but you had to be there; things were certainly different in 70s it was however my era really, Barclay James Harvest, Al Stewart, Carole King and James Taylor were more my style. Just looked up the meaning of 10cc icky. One of my favourites though ‘i’m not in love’

Wendy x

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