what 'cheeses' me off

dear fellow MSers

please add to it- think of it as a virtual room 101. here’s mine:

  1. i got up this morning tired but functioning, washed and dressed, pills popped and breakfasted, ready to leave and (again) suddenly struck by a massive bout of fatigue rendering me totally knackered and hardly able to keep my eyes open.

  2. i know the cover ‘lady’ (she ain’t no lady, trust me) will be contemptuous of me when i next have to speak to her. however she seems to be very nice (almost servile and sickening) towards the younger males. i wonder if the crutch detracts from my animal magnetism?

  3. i was just woken by the cat who was scratching at the bedroom door to get out. in trying to release her i caught her paw in the door and she howled at an ear-bleeding volume. poor thing.

  4. i hate this condition for a myriad of reasons- i either get pitiful looks and/or comments, or tacet (although not always) suggestions that things are really not as bad as all that/ i am faking/ it’ll get better. i seriously want to scream “IT IS REAL. IT WON’T GET BETTER. I HAVE NO POWER OVER IT. PLEASE BELIEVE ME”

my list (like everyone’s) could go on and on… please add your own annoyances to this. consider it a way to exorcise the negativity in order to free important brain room for more pleasant/ productive thoughts.

deep breaths, nice hugs and positive thoughts to all

fluffyollie xx

p.s. feel free to replace ‘cheesed’ with an alternative… i opted for cheesed as it is a lot more polite and moderator-friendly than what i REALLY wanted to write.

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Narrow-minded people


with my tin hat on and in a crouching position behind the parapet -

what ‘fu’ oops sorry, I mean ‘cheeses me off’ are

  1. reports of the latest miracle cures or latest ‘promising?’ research projects that never arrive at a definitive conclusion.

  2. people who equate having m.s. with having a ‘wonderful sense of humour’

  3. people who are on an m.s. ‘journey’

  4. the m.s.society publications which invariably present a rose-tinted view of m.s.


Can l join you- Krakowian in your 1) 2) 3) 4) - Especially, number 4 - All those people with MS - who run marathons !!

Ollie, get small square holes cut into the bottom of your doors - the size of a cat flap. This allows the cat, free access, and saves your carpets getting scratched up.

spacejacket- we’ve got a catflap on the back door, but not on internal doors- i love our cats (and all animals) but that to me is perhaps a step too far…

loss of independence…that covers a whole myriad of horrible things.


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spacejacket- we’ve got a catflap on the back door, but not on internal doors- i love our cats (and all animals) but that to me is perhaps a step too far…

[/quote] The easy access hole in the door - is to prevent the cat getting stuck in a room accidently - then they scratch up and fray the carpet - and you risk the cat leaving a surprise for you.

Works well with ‘ferrets’ - but thats another story!!

hiya fo

to answer ur question-folk that refer to me as a fellow ms sufferer…

to give u something to think about…

i read all your posts and from them i get a sense of frustration and wanting folk to understand what u r going through (understandable but impossible!)

your stand in teacher (or whatever she is) will never have any idea about how u r feeling-just as i dont! i would like to think that i have a better idea of similar issues but i guarantee we will approach them differently as we all learn to cope in our own way.

3 years ago i was working/driving etc and within 48 hrs i was in bed unable to feed/dress self. this is common with a ms relapse-the situation usually recovers to some extent-which varies.

as i type now with one finger on my non dominant hand, my powerchair nearby and my one eye struggling to focus u may be wondering why i am bothering to reply?!

simply because i hope that something/anything i say may make u think differently-not about anybody else but yourself!

yes you have no control over ur ms but u do have control over how u react to what its doing to u. its like greiving-you go through the stages yearning for the life you used to have. however the end result in this case is not death (yes-eventually!) but you have have to find a long term way of coping. that is different for each of us.

one of the other replies mentions a sense of humour-i always have had but that is one of the things that gets me through nowadays! i struggle with speech and memory issues but have had to develop ways of coping for me. these are the hard one ones for me-the double incontinence is dealt with in a practical manner!

please be clear-i dont mean ‘i am worse than you’-its not about that! if u have a sore finger then that pain can rule ur life-i understand that. comparing self to others is not beneficial in any way!

ms can be a very lonely isolating illness/disease if u let it. i dont say that lightly! but u are the only one with ur ms and so i believe its essential to find ur way of coping with it.

the use of language is important for ur mental state (thats why i dislike sufferer term!) whilst that may be true its not i term i ever use preferring such things like my ms.

i dunno how long u have had ur label-i am guessing its all relatively new but i have been living with this many years now and anything that i can share to try and make ur life easier i am happy to do so.

i am not saying my way is correct-its right for me i know that guilt in its many forms is destructive. i prefer honesty and reality-started with honesty to self…perhaps a wee think of whats important in your life and what (who!) is not…


hope ur cat is ok…


i would like to send those highly strung, semi-hysterical people (usually women i’m afraid) to room 101.

  • i had the misfortune to meet one today. i was at the ms therapy centre with a friend who also has ms. he is highly intelligent, gentle and calm. some idiot had parked up completely blocking him in. the main guy from our centre had to go to the offices who share our car park to find out whose car it was. this woman (thin - they always are) came out to see mick manouevering the best he could. suddenly this shrieking racket came from her. stop stop stop you’re going to damage my car! (no he wasn’t) she said she had already had to pay £350 on more than one occasion due to damage caused to her car by “you people”. she flounced off (hopefully to pop a valium) and mick managed to get out without any damage being caused. i waited until we got onto the road then said “she was a bit of c**t wasnt she?” we both laughed until we got to the motorway.

i would also like to send those women who fawn over younger men (like your cover woman).

put drama queens in too please.

it appears that it’s the female variety of annoying people that i’m putting in room 101.

actually i was more offended by the “c**t” than i realised. “people like you” cheeky you know what!

wow that felt good to get it off my chest, sorry i hijacked your post.

carole x

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sorry to come across as a foul mouth but it was an especially annoying situation.

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hi carole

firstly, you haven’t hijacked the post- its good to hear from others who have got legitimate gripes, particularly people like yourself who are not afraid to tell it like it is (i would say ‘keeping it real’ but people who say that deserve a room of their own hehe). i think we’ve a lot to moan about, and if we can’t here, then where eh?

secondly, no apology necessary to me re the language, as i have found myself more frequently using the same word as not only an adjective, but also a noun and a verb. for the record it would be a regular part of my vocabulary if met with similar characters that you had the misfortune to come across in that car park. my only bone of contention is that the part of the anatomy referred to is useful, and quite literally productive, unlike the individual in question.

thirdly, as a woman you’re allowed to put as many other women in our room 101 as you want, so fill your boots- if i did the same i’d come across as misogynistic. whilst we’re on a roll, can we put the following women in as well please?

  • carol thatcher
  • iris murdoch
  • myra hindley
  • virginia bottomly
  • rose west
  • katie holmes
  • julie burchill

of course if it were men that we’re putting in, then we’d be here all day. I start with chris de burgh…

with hugs and best wishes, fluffs

Miserable people, who have lost the ability to see the lighter side of life. You only have to walk on a childrens hospital ward, to know that a mix of illness, sadness and laughter is possible. Or work in an hospice…you will find laughter there too.

So stick all miserable people in room 101

People too busy contemplating their own naval’s, or head’s up their own bottoms

Where would we be without laughter


thanks fluffyollie

i’m glad that you weren’t offended.

i don’t like that word either and tend to keep it for extreme occasions.

i once calmed myself down by muttering to myself about a head teacher i was working for as “a cantankerous old c…”

marvelous bit of alliteration if i say so myself

carole x

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and whilst i’m here i’d like to put the annoying habit this site has of double posting like i just did.

my fingers that have lost the ability to type, spell and generally do anything useful can go in too.

so now i can relax knowing that there’s nothing going to annoy me!

quote from Mickey Flannagan, are you at the casual stage in your relationship yet?



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hehe- love it.

just got two more:

1] when you spend forever typing onto a form (such as here) then the pc goes nuts, refreshes itself and loses what you type.

2] when supermarkets replace staffed-tills with self service electronic ones. if i hear any more of ‘known item in the bagging area’ i will go nuts myself…

hope everyone is happy and well,


Can I put people who don’t pick up after their dogs in room 101, it really does annoy me

We had a dog and always cleaned up after him. How can you let your dog do it’s business and not attempt to pick it up-disgusting.

And breathe Noreen


Shop assistants who give you your change and receipt in one hand all at once - cash on top of notes and receipt - it has just happened to me, coins went all over the floor!!

Fortunately a lovely lady helped me pick them up

totally agree blossom and cherrylips… rude, inconsiderate people who don’t have the manners they were born with MUST go in.

the other day at work some ‘…’ (carole has the word i am thinking of) watched me accidentally (i.e. stupidly left balancing precariously on a shelf, by some one else) spread a box of drawing pins over the staff room floor. i was struggling with the crutch trying to pick them up. the reprographics lady was very kind and helped me, whilst said ‘…’ sat at her laptop, not even raising her eyes. i (loudly) expressed my appreciation for repro lady’s help.

tsk tsk… even now i’d help, not because the prat who dropped them (me) uses a crutch, but because i have manners like most people in the world. it would be a real (yet entirely ironic) sadness if one of the pins ‘accidentally’ ends up on her chair… damn- really hope that doesn’t happen ;0)


plant one fluffyollie

she deserves it!

then post about it on the smile thread to make me laugh

carole x