New treatment

Hope for the future - possibly

Thanks for that Redman,

Been following Prusiner and his Prion theory for over 20 years. The medical profession ridiculed him; he stuck to his guns and now it is showing fruition.

If it final proves itself a lot of complaints will have to thank this man.


The team at Barts MS have done a post today on this.

Will be many different opinions on this but surely research on brain disorders has to go somewhere soon…

Oh. So it’s not something to get excited about.

(I was about halfway through the Barts post and my eyes began to glaze over, I thought I would be posting that I didn’t understand it. Then I read the bit at the end. Which relieved my worry that I didn’t understand. It seems that there is no wonder drug at all!)


has anything that has benefited/cured/treated a mouse - [I ask you a f****** mouse!] - ever helped a human being?

I am not a great fan of laboratory research on animals but, to answer your question, research on mice has led to the development of such things as penicillin, kidney transplants, insulin etc etc and treatments for asthma, macular degeneration, parkinsons,tuberculosis, breast cancer etc etc. So not much to help humans at all …

I feel as if brain research always gives us a kick in the stomach, if we have MS - builds us up and shoots us down again…quite frustrating really - “new treatment will help A B or C but not MS”