Possible new neurological drug


Watching bbc news this morning a scientist was on talking about the discovery of a compound that looks promising for Alzheimers, Parkinsons and other Neurological diseases. Does anyone know if it may help us? Thanks.

I thought that so,scanned through a couple of news paper articles on line, and WE weren’t mentioned.Four hours later the news is saying it could be 10 years before there’ll be anything available.I reckon if they want test candidates,they’ll have no shortage of volunteers.But those in charge won’t allow people with absolutely no chance to have the rules bent a bit.

I’m not trying to cause upset or a row,but where is the motivation for Fat Pharma to find a cure or really potent drugs which alleviate many of our symptoms? MS drugs are worth £8 Billion a year Globally and that figure is rising.

MS confuses many people who have no first hand experience.At one end of the spectrum is Debbie Purdey who wants one way tickets to Switzerland,and a free pass for her husband if he assists in her suicide.The other end of the spectrum are the lucky people who are diagnosed but, have hopped over the Andes in a great blaze of publicity.

Now here’s the contraversial bit…I believe that WE would be taken more seriously if there was say a 10% fatality rate caused purely by MS and not the raft of complications which we have heard of,and some of us have seen close up.

Here endeth the lesson and apologies stevie for hijacking your post.‘THEY’ still give an estimate of the number of people inour club,but if a person is diagnosed on the NHS,a PCT must know of their existence.ME is not believed to exist as a codition by large parts of the medical fraternity,yet the number of cases is accurately known as 250,000(give or take)

I believe this is because there is no Drug Regimen for ME,so it’s very cheap.If the exact figure of ‘our memberhip’ is released the shortfall in funding that has gone on for 40-50 years will become apparent.Not a good thing in the present economic …what ever you want to call it.

More apologies,but a load of pain,no sleep and a shoe box full of drugs,makes me very lippy.Nobody to moan at apart from you,so there we are

Beddy byes soon…I should stick to pinching jokes to put on here


Not at all. I love your jokes and find your post interesting. I’m still a relative newcomer to this (dx PPMS 3/11.) Are you saying the big pharmaceutical companies have no benefit in finding a cure for us? I think you are and must say I can certainly see why its in their interests not to find a cure. After all, if they did cure everyone then their huge source of income would dry up. I don’t know enough to comment either way really but can certainly see your point. Thanks for replying. Steve

Mice are always getting cured, but younger MSers might benefit, which has to be good news.


On this site there is a report that a drug already used for Parkinsons has shown to help with myelin repair. They dont say which drug which is annoying!

Moyna xxx

whammel has put this succinctly, another way of putting this is “Don’t hold your breath”

So it works on mice - for people we had better have Stage I, II, and III trials. These will cost money and will take time (lots of money and lots of time). You can figure 5-7 years. Look up the history of Aricept, which is just a drug to moderate the effects of Alzheimers (similar to our DMDs). It does work (sort of), but NICE vetoed its use for moderate cases (who probably needed it more to slow the progression.

To me, it is a typical BBC “Gosh” story. Out of date, inaccurate, or irrelevant - pick any two from three. They have not had anyone who really understood science since James Burke went off to California.


Moyna, they did name the drug - it’s Donepizil, otherwise known as Cogentin.


Gosh that takes me back a bit. I remember him covering the Moon landings and his programmes always made difficult subjects easy to understand (and interesting). Good call.