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Greetings,and I hope you’re having luck running between the rain drops.No talk of Hose Pipe Bans and not a bad Summer,so you don’t need to know how many shopping days until Christmas…‘They’ were talking about it on the TV t’other day.

On the BBC News 24 at 18:00 Sat 7th a bloke from Harvard was saying that after 10 years of work they’ve been allowed to start human trials on a new cancer fighting drug which re-programmes the immune system to kill the cancerous cells.

Hang on a minute,I’d love for my immune system to be re-programmed to leave my myelin alone.I wonder if that has been a concurrent study? Doubtless I’ve massively over-simplified this,but wouldn’t it be nice.As usual my thought is,what is the motivation for the drug industry to cure MS? Killing the Golden Goose…



Couldn’t agree more!


MS seems to come at the bottom of the list for everything - the scientists don’t understanding it, the care system (in my personal experience) abandons us, and society discriminates against disabilities - still being alive means there’s always hope - but sometimes even this seems limited.

:stuck_out_tongue: Mary

Mary, you are dead right.This thought of mine is just that… A thought…“If MS was ‘slightly’ terminal,say 1 in 10 sufferers, purely through MS and not the usual complications, it might be taken seriously.Instead there is the possibility of a life being destroyed through pain and immobility etc and total disruption of the lives of the people closely involved”.Please note the word POSSIBILITY as your MS is slightly different from everybody elses,and you are the world’s leading expert on it.

I’ve been dumped by the NHS and left to play ‘Pick’n’Mix’ with a variety of drugs.I’ve got it in writing, in amongst the 14 grammatical errors from a Pain Consultant.Why cure the poorly Golden Goose,when it makes so much money for Fat Farmer and various Governments?

Our suffering is often invisible so doesn’t matter,and how many times have you heard,“You look alright.”

Wb <(L)>

ps I bumped into an old old friend earlier and he asked some fine questions.I answered them and the above is the abridged version of my responses.

Hello, at my last visit the neurologist said “I don’t want to sound nihilistic but…” That said it all. Best wishes, Steve

Thanks for the plaudits Steve, and as soon as I’ve looked up Nil*&^% I’ll understand what you mean.

Laters, Steve