Ms drugs already out there - BBC article

There is an article on the BBC News website saying that three existing drugs are being trialled for progressive ms having shown good results in tests. The drugs are designed for heart trouble , mnd and depression . The one for depression is Prozac. Has anyone been on Prozac and found their ms symptoms improved?

Hi John, yes it was on the news last week.

The drugs are being used in trial for people with SPMS. It’s going to be a 2 year trial and they’re still recruiting. IF they have success they will then have a trial for PPMS.

I haven’t used Prozac but I wonder how much it is the Prozac really helping or how much it is making people’s perception of their symptoms seem better (ie happier!). I suppose in the end it makes no difference. After all if we perceive our symptoms as being better then that has to be a good thing.

Prozac is easy to get. If you went to your GP and said you’ve been depressed and want to try Prozac you’d probably get it. Might be worth a go?

Pat xx

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Hi John,

I read these articles too.

Out of interest I started Prozac when I was 43… I’m 63 now. I really can’t say that I would consider it to have slowed my progression but it has helped considerably with MS related depression.

I’d be very interested to know what anyone else thinks that has been taking it for a long time.

Nina x