BBC2 Tonight

On BBC2 tonight 11.20pm My right to Die following campaigner Debbie Purdy if anyone’s interested. I won’t be watching it as it’s on too late but I’ll record it and watch it another time.

Sue x

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Thanks for that Sue,

If I remember and can stay awake will watch it, unfortunately, cannot record it, not totally hi tec yet.

Cherry x

Thank you for that Sue, will record it to watch later.

Thanks for the reminder Sue.

Thanks for posting that,

If I miss it, then I’m sure it’ll be available on BBC iPlayer.

I shall be interested to see how the press review it.


thanks Sue - I’ll try my best to watch it if this cold doesn’t demand I take it to bed.

JBK xx

I’ve just watched this on iplayer, was very interesting. Not sure I could do it, but i definitely think people should be allowed to make this choice.

I won’t be watching and I don’t understand why anyone with MS would want to. I can only speak for myself but reading about or seeing things like that just get me down and (more!) worried about the future.

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I was very wary about watching the programme and my 1st thought when I saw this thread was that it’s not very positive and we with MS need to be positive. I am lucky not to be in the same position as Debbie purdy was, but the programme was more about her an an individual & the choices that she wanted to have. It wasn’t about the ms as such.


i havent seen the programme and have no desire to watch it.

not because i am scared-not at all.

i have lost 3 friends recently who had ms. one who took her own life, one who was very ill and one who had a very routine procedure and it wasnt good for him.

i would support anyone who chooses to end their life because i am not in their position and have no idea what they are going though. its is not an option for me-being fairly disabled now it is something that has been discussed.

supporting them is very different from helping them i hasten to add!



Ellie. That is so sad.

If someone wants to end their life because of their suffering then I fully understand it and empathise with their very difficult decision too.

There are lots of conditions along with MS that can warrant someone wanting to end their life to end their suffering but I don’t feel that it is healthy for everyone with MS to keep hearing about it so I personally chose not to watch the documentary as to be completely honest it has had a very negative effect on me, my family and friends.

I am not putting my head in the sand but strive to keep my positive outlook on the future.

Shazzie xx

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I have watched it today, and have to say with regards to the comments above, I can agree with most of them. But from my point of view, I do like to see,read and understand all that could happen or may not hopefully, but I would like to know. I am a very positive person most of the time, but occasionally things can get to you, and fore warned is fore armed for me. Take care all.