Program featuring a woman who has MS on at 8pm

Just the kind of show that we’re getting snowed under with lately, but one of the 3 highlighted has MS.

Part of me wants to watch her part of it because our horrible beast needs to be talked about on TV more, another part of me dreads seeing how she’s been portrayed, another part of me HATES these kind of shows, I’m so conflicted!

What sides it on? Would like to see it Tracey x

Channel 5. I watched about 2 minutes of it then gave up. I’ve really got no tolerance for programs like this

Winds me up too.

interesting subject - does anybody find cannabis really works - tried it a few times feel worse after than before

does anybody find it works?

Omg, she’s taking the p**s!!! She really is!!! I too can’t watched this!!! Wish we could eat like that giving MS a bad representation, no wonder were being assessed Tracey x

See now, I was afraid that I was being a horrible snob because of my reaction to that woman, but now I feel better.

Thank you Tracey!

No babe, your not a snob, she’s IS taking the p**s!!! Looks good on us lot don’t it?!! Tracey x

Jasie, used to like a “smoke” myself, affects mimics MS to much nowadays, heightened symptoms!!! Tracey x

I could tell from the write-up it wasn’t likely to be a sympathetic or flattering portrayal.

I’m not watching, as I didn’t fancy an extra dollop of depression, but did wonder how she qualifies for £20K a year of state benefits, when I’m eligible for diddly squat. I would expect someone who can legitimately claim all that to be very profoundly disabled. I take it from the comments she’s not?


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I’m not watching it helps my stress levels to avoid that kind of stuff If she’s claiming DLA or PIP fraudulently let’s hope someone from DWP is watching.

Jan x

No Tina, she is far from it, in fact she is actually quite agile!!! Lucky her!! It’s not good watching, but compulsive, you know what I mean! Tracey x

Yeah, it was pretty clear by the “37 years unemployed between them” guff, wasn’t it : /

I was just hoping she’d be a nice lady. One that didn’t look like the typical person who’s picked for these kind of shows. But no, she was exactly that…

I can’t watch, I’ll just get cross! I’ve never played the system - I just can’t bring myself to.

I’m living on my own savings and investments, accumulated from 29 years of work (already ill, yet unaware of it, for many of those years).

No wonder people assume an MS diagnosis is a meal ticket for life, and that I must be getting something!



I haven’t watched it yet but will do on playback. It may be that a good proportion of the 20k a year is housing benefit, council tax benefit and ESA. This could total around 15k a year may be a bit more.

I wish they’d stop making these horrible programmes. Yes, we all know that there’s low-life system milkers out there, but they’re in the minority damn it! Please stop making TV shows about them!


But so many people who’ve watched that tonight will automatically assume that we are : /

I’m going to bed, I’m feeling miserable now. Thanks Channel 5.

I watched it. Did not switch off after the prog we wanted. Never mind the cannabis, or how she qualified for £20K of state aid, what got me was how she could not manage on it. She should try living on £15K

" Oh look at this loaf, it only has six slices and it cost over two pounds"
Maybe she really has got to buy from the “free from” range, but did her partner have to eat that stuff as well? Instead of running a flash motorcycle, she should have got a breadmaker.

That is the sort of programme that give all the decent folk on benefits a bad name.


these programs give people who need real help a bad name , dealing with ms is hard enough without people like this !!!

she is a joke!!!

Yeah we realise this, Anon, it’s exactly what makes me personally so angry. The completely inaccurate portrayal of how most people live on benefits. These programmes show people with MS (and endless other people) in such a poor light, and it’s what the majority of people who watch it take for gospel fact. It’s the reason why if a stranger of a certain mindset talked to me, and found out I didn’t work because I have MS, and could see that while I don’t walk normally, I can walk, and I can hold an intelligent conversation, they’re highly likely to make the immediate assumption that I’m a benefits fraud.

Geoff, I’ll swap your 15k for the 7.9k that I get! I pay 78p for a loaf of wholemeal Hovis. I was thrilled to bits when Tesco dropped the price of that, so I could get a decent loaf for less than a pound. Though as I worked in a food factory for 20 years, I know from personal experience that it’s the people who work for the suppliers that suffer financially from these supermarket price wars, the minimum wage workers on the shop floor. The supermarkets have the suppliers by the short and curlies these days. They say things like, “we’ll pay you x amount per loaf for this bread, and if you don’t like it we’ll take our business elsewhere”. The suppliers potentially end up making no money at all.

Also Geoff, the spellcheck doesn’t seem to approve of me speaking to you so informally, and is trying to insist that I call you Geoffrey xD

75p in Lidl !! (Hovis)…

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