Poldark !!!!

Cant wait for 9pm tonight to watch it,

the scenery is breathtaking and so is the actor who plays Poldark… phewwwww what a good looking guy he is,everyones raving about him

J x

Last time it was on it was filmed in Dartmouth but I didn’t see any signs of Dartmoutn last week.

Nina x

I really enjoyed it last week. All very romantic!

Will he get Elizabeth… hmmmm we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m also enjoying Banished.

Sunday without Midwife though… that’s not a good thing.

Pat xx

I’ve been enjoying ‘Arthur & George’. Good televising of a good J Barnes novel. Great to see Martin Clunes taking on a proper role, massive comedic talent though he is.

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I’ll miss the midwife tonight, even though it touches a bit of raw emotion. We’ll have to find another excuse for oue Hotel Chocolat treats.

I thought Poldark would be a bit too formulated but I was wrong. The scenery is spectacular and the pace and emotion seems to match it. Then I’ll probably spoil it by wanting to watch some of today’s football. (Poor Jo.)

Grey weather but our little one is starting to ask to go on the potty-major progress.

Steve x

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Me too Kev and I read the book a couple of years ago. A really good read.

Martin Clunes is brilliant in the role.

Pat xx

Love it, you can’t beat a Period drama, especially on a Sunday after the football. I am so easily pleased lol

For all you Mums, I hope you have had a lovely Mothers Day.

Pam x

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The Cornwall Tourist Board must be rubbing their hands.

Can’t say I’ve watched it yet; apparently there’s a bit of a Mr. D’Arcy type character on there that all the ladies are swooning over; each to their own, and all that.

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Welcome back Clucker Pigeon, it is ages since you have been on

Moyna xxx

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Yep I am enjoying Poldark and the tonight Bluestone 42 complete contrasts last week so funny trouble breathing I was laughing so much. Tonight’s more serious until sent one legged jelly babies.

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