Call the midwife

I’ve just watched call the midwife, I absolutely love the series but it always makes me cry. Frazer is sat curled up in front of the fire he’s enjoying a nice rest . Michelle and Frazer xx

I’ve missed it! Do hope I can get it on catchup. I absolutely love it.

Ive just watched it very disappointed, i usually love it and couldnt wait for tonight’s episode. I hope you’ve all had a nice day jo xx

They covered a few challenging issues this time Jo. It was slightly depressing but over all I love the series. Lee was born in 63 me in 65 it’s interesting seeing how things have changed. Michelle and Frazer xx

I love Call the midwife,i just knew that baby would come to life when the hot water bottle was put in with him to keep him warm.

Hope you are OK Michelle,and Lees recovering from the flu.

J x

Thanks Jackie, I’m much better . I was willing that baby to come to life , I was so pleased when he recovered. The stories are based on true life. Lee bought me the book I love it . My mother in law was born in 1940 weighing 2 lbs . I’m always amazed when she tells me about her birth it’s amazing how people survived and lived all those years ago . How are you and your family ? I hope you are okay. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

Call the Midwife shows the reality of child birth.

It’s still a bit too raw for me when I think of my still born Eva resting in the ground just around the corner.

I intend to visit people in 2018. Feb perhaps? Froddy station is accessible so I’mon it.

Steve x woof

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Hello Steve , that must be unbelievably sad , childbirth is so amazing but so sad at times too . One of my friend had a stillbirth at the time I was expecting Molly, it was so sad I felt so awful for her I’ve had the pain of miscarriage and have a scan pic of my little one . How do get over it Steve , it must be still painful. Frodsham is accessible, it’s unmanned but the guards help you on and off . Let me know if you’ve time to say hello I’d love to see you. Michelle and Frazer xx

It’s a good programme well acted and quite true to the time setting brought back the memories off cycling 2 and a half miles to school every day in 1963 except the days when there was to much snow .There has been worse winters since but I wasn’t going to school in highland perthshire then .

Christmas day 1963 we woke to a good 10 inches off snow this year the temperature was around 12 c snow onthe hills boxing day though.

Hello Hillbilly, I bet the winter’s are bad in Scotland. Two of my sons live in Scotland, the eldest in Glasgow and the other son is now living in Dunoon. I love the snow , I always used to go sledging with the children, we don’t get a lot in Frodsham so if we get any we have to make the most of it , before I was disabled I’d get up in the early hours to build a snowman with the children before it disappeared. We had a little bit about 3 weeks ago , I went to the park with my children but the wheelchair got stuck, that’s the problem with centre wheel drive they can’t cope with snow or mud . Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi shelly the winters have not been to bad lately we had our first snow yesterday just around 2 inches you don’t need to go much higher to get larger falls our car is 4x4 so we can get about safely for shopping etc.Dunoon is a lovely place we enjoy a run there by the hills and lochs then the ferry to gourac through glasgow and up the motor way home.

Take care and have a guid new year .

Hi Michelle x Happy New Year to you & yours plus Frazier, obvs. X

I’ve only seen a few of Call The Midwife programmes and loved each one. I tell myself to watch the whole series, or record it but then I forget. Miranda Hart acts in it, she writes her own comedy sit com too, which is a favourite of mine.

Is Frodsham close to Chester? If so, it’s half way between my house and holiday home in Llandulas, on the North Wales coast. We could meet up some time.

Chris xx

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Hello Chrissie , Frodsham is very close to Chester . Let me know if you are ever up this way I’d love to meet up and so would Frazer. Michelle and Frazer xx