GP'S behind closed doors !!

I watch this programme on channel 5 and i am really impressed by these Drs. I wish my drs were as good and on the ball.

Or is it just for the cameras ? i do wonder. Does anyone else watch it ?

also i loved ‘Happy Valley’ i thought the 1st series was fantastic, but this 2nd series is not a patch on the 1st one.

J x


Hi MrsJ,

I watch “GPs…” and find it very interesting, but I can’t help thinking they go a lot further than off-screen GPs at the behest of the programme makers. To me, it’s telly and far removed from the real world (…I wish I knew a GP that didn’t turf me out of their office as soon as they could make an assessment …rather than wait and hear everything I wanted to say!!)

I don’t think these programmes really show the time-constraints the vast majority of GPs are under …but I do find them almost compulsive viewing !

'Fraid I don’t watch “Happy Valley” though !



Hello, Mrs J.

I’ve been lucky to have had two very good doctors. I haven’t seen the doctors programme but I’ll have a look when I’m on my own in the house. The little one runs the TV schedule at the moment! (Apart from when my team are on Sky Sports.)

We watched every second of the first series of Happy Valley. I must say I’m enjoying it as much as the first one. There’s a definite undercurrent of impending menace, although it’s missing the superb character acting of Steve Pemberton. Which reminds me, “Inside Number Nine” is close to a third series.

Finally, we’ve been glued to Shetland as well. It’s worth it just for the scenery.

Best wishes, Steve. x


I think a lot of medical shows are not like real life…whether it is factual or drama. I like Call the Midwife but those midwives are lovely and have to say my experience was NOT like that. I had awful midwives…nasty!

I’m enjoying 2nd series of Happy Valley, but I see people have written Radio Times about not being able to hear it…and I agree with that although I use subtitles for just about everything now. Apparently they are going to try and improve the sound for next week and rest of series.

Like Steve I love Shetland…and also love Vera…and like the new Icelandic series Trapped.

In fact I watch so many murder mysteries I would make a great detective!

Miss Marple xx


I can hear Happy Valley,no problem. I just dont think this 2nd series is as good as the first,the first one had me gripped,but for some reason i cant get into theis 2nd one, it might just be me, and my frame of mind just now though.

I love Call the midwife too, OMG last sundays though was brutal wasnt it ? made my eyes water

J x

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I think the GP’s behind closed doors were on there best behaviour, to be honest i think gps are very over worked and wouldn’t have the time to spend with their patients. I love “call the midwife” but it always make me cry there are some very sad things that happen and i think i’m softer than normal after becoming a Grandma to Naomi and Laura.

Michelle x

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I’ve not watched the gp programme either but love “call the midwife” too. I did some of my midwifery training in quite primitive areas of south Africa and it brings back a lot of memories. In fact it reminds me a lot of how much I loved midwifery and makes me wonder why I didn’t stay in that specialty. I’ll just continue watching it on tv.

I think there are some fantastic doctors out there, my Neuro is one of them but there are some that scare the … out of me and I wouldn’t even send my worst enemy to see. I suppose every profession or job has dedicated and honest workers and those that should be shot!

Take care.

Cath x

Hi, I love GPs Behind Closed Doors.

I also love call the midwife. My midwives were fine, but nuns who taught me werent!

Happy Valley…I was totally enthralled by its last series.

I never imagined it could be as good or better a second time round.

My feelings have come true, sadly and like others, I can hardly hear the dialogue.

Subtitles dont work for me, as I cant folow them and what`s happening on screen.