I don't watch too much TV but...........

Hello good people.

It would be so easy to just put myself in the chair, switch on the telly and eat ping cuisine.

But you know how we hate being patronised. Perhaps I should thank the programmes mentioned for saving me from the slouch on the couch?


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Well Steve you watch some interesting things . I can’t comment as I haven’t watched much recently that is except for “call the midwife” ,which I love. Many complain it is depressing but I find it beautiful and sad I love the history . I find I laugh and cry all the way through it. I was a sixties baby born in 1965 it’s amazing how much has changed but seeing a baby come into the world is always a beautiful I hope your treatment is going well Steve Michelle and Frazer xx

Yes, I enjoyed your list and agree that the constant reminders are an insult to what little intelligence I have left. I read a lot at night but watch a reasonable amount of tv (I fit the stereotype - on benefits watching the box, though I usually have something to do eg knitting - grief but I sound even more sad now) and what drives me really insane is when the ad break is as long as the short piece of programme that I saw. I’m most annoyed that they do this on SKY which I pay an arm and a leg to watch!

Michelle I love Call the Midwife too. I trained as a midwife in South Africa in some of the really poor clinics in the middle of nowhere and even though it was the beginning of the nineties the old and outdated equipment and methods were much the same. I remember grating soap and washing funnels to give enemas prior to delivery.


Michelle i love ‘call the midwife’ too.Hope you doing ok.

I don’t watch call the midwife but between the Iplayer and Netflix, there’s usually something decent to watch. Anything recorded get a FF thru the adverts too x

It’s a con! They turn a thirty minute programme into an hours airtime IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!