Casualty/Holby BBC license, definitely not MS

I was pondering this after watching some of Holby City; that that no one ever uses alcohol hand wash, in fact no one ever washes their hands in Holby or Casualty! Not a serious problem in the scheme of things but vexed my poor little brain. Especially after paying nearly £150 for my tv license recently.

I don’t think BBC tv is worth the money and could use some adverts for things like Strictly and Eastenders but I’d gladly pay £150 for BBC radio as it’s brilliant!

I was wondering what other programmes should be saved from commercialisation, which lets face it will happen eventually.


there is a very funny show called some girls which i largely missed when it was on but was up late/ early one morning and caught it on bbc3 its captured high school brilliantly. the female version of the inbetweeners. really think they should keep that. Also loved call the midwife, cant wait to see if santa’s got me it for christmas on DVD?! i’ve dropped enough hints.

I think that the bbc sould have adverts, i know they are annoying, but as lest then we wouldn’t have to pay for a tv licence. I also think there should be more archaeology programmes, especially as channel 4 have now axed Time Team! There sould be lots more Miranda too, love Bex xxx

I loved Call the Midwife, there is going to be a Christmas special! My son bought me the book for mother’s day and it is very good, but some of the bits about prostitution are much more graphic than the TV series !


Yes I agree call the midwife is very good, can’t say that I’ve heard of ‘some girls’, i did sort of enjoy jo Brand’s ‘getting on’, series about life in an NHS ward, my brother found it very depressing, I found it to be very ironic. Also like Miranda as well.

Wendy x

I can’t wait for the christmas special. I also want the books, dropped hints there too. I’m easily pleased 1 dvd and 4 books please santa? xx

They do, Bex, they do. One of the problems is that they are always for BBC programmes, or BBC appeals, so they do not generate income.


Well spotted Wendy. As I’m single I don’t have to watch either programme now,but over the years they have inspired the occasional viewer to save a life or twain.This educational touch is nothing new as the wireless show,The Archers was begun with a view to giving farmers a bit of direction in the 1950s. I wonder what Eastenders is teaching people?

One place I spotted years ago as a possible ‘culprit’ in the spread of disease is Argos. People tend to lick a finger as they are leafing through, “The laminated book of dreams”…(Copyright Bill Bailey)

As for adverts,there is something recent stirring in my neuron about Product Placement.Do you remember, the ‘Electric Soup’, Stella in Men behaving badly? Thats the one that stands out for me…Any others?