what a lovely Sunday

Hope you are all having a great Sunday

after a fab eveningyesterday crying with Laughter at the YFC panto competition. we all chipped in and put a fab Lamb roast together-kids helped clean up the kitchen and finish the washing, a very lasy day and

call the midwife and the new series of true blood to look forward to this eve

I can be found at

Feet up cottage

Snuggling on the sofa Road


Have a great eve all

BC xx

I have trouble putting together Call the Midwife and True Blood.

Lots of goo and gore in both of them but perhaps not as much sex in the former despite the subject matter. LOL

Looking forward to True Blood myself!


Good to hear you’ve had a wonderful day.



True blood is just brilliant- also enjoying the series of Stella on sky one on a friday- 3 good excuses to chill

hope youve had a good one to Char