just read a good book

Afternoon all. These gloomy dull days don`t help lift our moods, do they?


Last night, as there was just the 1 soap on, I turned my tv off after Emmerdale and settled down to read a newly published book.


It was about a man whose whole life has been blighted by one catastrophic event after another.


His resolve to turn away from negative things and battle on is truly amazing.

I`m not going to give the name of the book openly, as that may be seen as canvassing, but I just wanted to share this with you.

His demons seemed insurmountable. His disability seemed inconquerable..yet somehow he has made something of his life...something great...but even now he faces a different kind of monster.....what a remarkable man....remarkable.

What is even more touching is the fact that he is my cousin!

luv POllx

Oh Poll PLEASE name the book. 

It's not canvassing... it is simply reviewing a book. Doesn't matter if he's you cousin.

Love Pat x

Yes do tell us all the name of the book.

Christmas is coming l can add it to my list.

The rain is here so more gloomy days, Feeling a bit feed up today good news a frends just had a baby boy bad news just asked daughter if she wood get me a card while shes out shoping oh just on way home (in car) so wet gear on l am going myself.

Keep on smileing love to all Jan xx