to weigh or not to weigh?

Evening all. Been a bit breezier here today (West Yorks) and suits me better.

Okay, last Monday me, my sis and Bev (my carers) all plodded along to join a slimming club. I had rung the leader beforehand to tell her of my situation. Id tried getting on my scales, but I wobbled and the knees played at being didnt go well. But even without seeing the result, I knew I was waaaay to heavy!

The nice lady said she had had a previous member who was also a full time wheeeeelie like me. She had found the solution and told me to bring a wooden board which fitted the seat of my chair. Hubby rallied to the task and presented me with a lovley bit of ply!

So, we gets to the venue and joins the queue…quite a long one. Teacher asks us to sit and wait till the end of class. Fine.

Then after class, up we went to see what the damage done by over indulging in the junk food department was! Chris got weighed…just a stone to lose…Bev got weighed 3 stones to lose…so now…my turn! Teacher asks me to stand up…all hands to the fore…a carer at each side…up I come…knees buckle…plop down! Next time I stay up a tad longer, Bev removes my seat cushion, teech shoves scales on top of the board…I plonk bum on scales. Result? I am 10 stone…lovely, at target on joining day…how cool is that? But we all knew that couldnt be right. So, up again and repeat the exercise. 2 stones this time.......okay I give it another go..............still 2 stones.... By this time i am well and truly cream chuffin crackered!!! Enough I cried. Teech says how sorry she is and fills up with tears…aahh…bless her! She returned my tenner and continued to apologise. She says I am welcome to come to class as a non-member and she will be happy to see me go down in dress sizes and give me the Good Girl stickers…So, there you have it guys. I`ve had a good week of healthy food and feel tons lighter already! Happy munching all. luv Pollx…

Can you not be weighed in your wheelchair? - would require a bigger bit of wood and a bit of imagination, but weigh the wheelchair (after you’ve transferred to a different chair), then weigh you in the w/c and subtract the weight of the w/c. Personally, I have no idea how much I weigh, I tend to go by dress size - I’m about right just now I think.

Luisa x

The bigger bit of wood is to make a platform on top of the scales for your w/c to go on - obviously you’d need to subtract the weight of the wood too. You probably worked that bit out though :slight_smile:

L x

Hi, ta for trying to help. It would need to be a huge bit of wood, plus my wheeelie is an electric one and might break the club`s scales.

I have asked at my GPs and 2 other clinics. No way to weigh they say!

Hospital tried to weigh me on a ramped system and then admitted no-one knew how to work it!

luv Pollx

Oh, that’s a pest - there must be some way to find out how much you weigh! Prob water displacement isn’t the way to go, but there has to be a method of doing it. If my vet can weigh my dog (they have a special scales for weighing awkward animals), it surely can’t be that difficult to weigh you (I’m not suggesting for a second that you are an awkward animal, or that you should visit a vet!). Even being weighed only once so you get a starting weight would be useful. Two more things I thought of - if you have a manual w/c, you could be weighed in that - not as heavy as your electric one. If you can sit in a normal seat, you could transfer to that to be weighed? Maybe try again on a cooler day so that you can stand more easily?

There has to be an answer!

L x

What if your sis and your carer stood on the scales with you and held you up in front and behind, would that work?


Hi Poll, there are wheelchair scales we use them at work, we weigh the wheelchair and just deduct when the service users are being weighed. We do have a few homes in Yorkshire but not sure where the nearest one is to you and if they have the need for scales. Will do a bit of research and find out. Love Karen x

You can also get scales attached to your hoist so it is literally you in whatever you are wearing and the negligable weight of your sling. We have them attached to arjo and oxford hoists.

Your OT or physio should be able to tell you of a location in your area where they do weekly or monthly wheelchair weigh ins aswell.

To be fair the first time is not so dignified as you do have to dangle from the hoist while they weigh your chair and then lower you in so the weight of the chair can be taken off. They then keep a record of your chair weight for subsequent visits,so it only needs doing again after chair adaptations.

Equally as Karen says there may be a local care home that would have no problem with you using theirs,as we know that they are far too expensive for an individual to buy.

Im impressed with your wanting to loose weight and I personally think dress size is as good a marker as any.

I personally have decided for once I am happy to be fat as the injections dont hurt in the fat bits, but as a wheelie it is better for weight to be carefully managed but you yourself will know whats comfy for you.

Take care.


Hi Poll, Good news that you don’t have to join that humiliating q, I say! Started slimming world 3 weeks ago because through limbo I discovered that I’m definitely a comfort eater and crisps and wine were my cure! Anyway I have gained 2 stone in a year and at a very tall 5 ft nothing began to resemble a football. First week lost a lb, 2nd week another, last week 2. This week the sun came out went to Barbie and found the crisps! Oh dear, stood on my scales tis morning 4lb on!!! Got to be in that q tomorrow morning and I know you can’t lose 4 lb overnight! Good luck with the diet, hope you drop a dress size! Chis x


i have stopped weighing myself as it is too scary (head in sand job). have put on 2 1/2 stone since dx and i know i will be healthier, my ms better etc etc but for some reason i can’t do it!!!

decided to do the ‘little bit of what you fancy’ thing - and oh dear, i ate exactly what i wanted (choc, choc and more choc) for a week then weighed myself! oh dear i had put on half a stone in a week!!!

good luck with yours - the lady sound great, keep us posted.


We are all at it. I joined weight watchers last week and this week 3 lb down :slight_smile: and love that I still had fish and chips followed by Turkish delight ice creamwith a chocolate flake at Cullen beach on Saturday :slight_smile: Happy day Julia x

They have a weighbridge in the A and E department of the hospital I work at.

Thankyou so much, sweetheart, for giving this problem so much thought.

I think to put me and 2 carers on a scale would be really difficult, as the platform isn`t big enough.

I did try to get on a health clubs scale. it was about 5 inches off the ground and i just couldnt get enough oomph to lever myself up, even with my sis at one side and a hunky gym instructor on the other side. Thing is some folk have no idea of how my legs are, even if I explain. They mean well, but can`t manage me!

luv Pollx

Ooo Julia,you were lucky to get away with those naughties!

My sis lost 3lbs in her first week. Bev is on hols in Skeggy, so may have gained! I can tell I have lost something, as my belly is drooping lower and I don`t have to take my bra off so early in the day!

luv Pollx

I thought they were for commercial vehicles.

luv Pollx

Thanks so much Karen, for going to so much bother for me, bless you.

luv Polllz

Hi Lisa, I know just what you mean with choc…its all or nothing for me, Im afraid.

Have you ever tried Slimming World? I am really enjoying the food…theres so much free stuff. I mustve lost something, as my belly is drooping! Yuk!

luv Polllx

Hi Chris, ups and downs eh? But which plan are you following? I do the Extra Easy…theres so much free food. I dont have all the 10 syns every day. Im partial to a solero and they are 5 syns. Plus just found out pesto isnt free, as i though. Yikes.been ladling it onto my stir fries. Bought a small wok…it`s good.

Hope you have a bit of a loss this week.

We can be slimming buddies if you like. So everyone else doesnt get bored with diet talk, Ill add you to my buddy list, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi PIp, ta so much for your caring reply.

I had to smile when you said about being a bit plumper makes the injections hurt less, bless you!

luv Pollx

Good luck all with you slimming quests. We also have wheelchair scales in the hospital I work in. Also know of 2 other local hospitals with them. You would probably need to ask your gp to refer you to a dietitian there to be weighed.