Still not smoking (good) but getting fatter by the day (bad)

I’m over 12 stone for the first time in my life. Haven’t had a fag since October 1st and gave up the e-cig on November 5th… SO I’m doing ok there… BUT I’m getting so fat. My body shape has really changed and now have a huge bottom and a rapidly expanding bust!!!

I have visions of turning into the mother in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’ where, when she dies, they are told that the roof of the house will have to be removed and her body removed by a crane…

Ok ok I know 12 stone is not actually that obese but before MS I hovered around 10 stone and before giving up the fags I was about 11 stone 4lb. So you can see where this is going.

I’m trying to keep telling myself that the extra weight is still better than the fags!

On the ‘up’ side, I’m less flabby than I was… more like an overstuffed cushion now. I’m hoping my face will get fatter and fill in some of the wrinkles (seriously!).

Isn’t it all so difficult? I mean I spent years beating myself up for smoking and now, after 44 years, I’ve managed to stop and now I’m beating myself up for eating!!! AND at the same time I’m dealing with blo*dy MS.

Started out not really knowing why I was posting and now realise that I needed a rant!

Thanks for listening gang. Bit quiet on here so hope you’re all doing ok and keeping warm.

Pat x

Hi Pat Take one thing at a time. You are doing so well giving up smoking. That must have been really hard. Give yourself a massive pat on the back. When you have got the inclination perhaps you can tackle the weight. But as you say you have enough on your plate with the MS. Don’t beat yourself up about it. If you can give up smoking you have proven that you have the willpower for anything. Give it some time. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hi pat, stick with it kid. g did gain about 20lbs when he gave up the weed. But has lost a few pounds now........eating humbugs non stop doesnt help.

Im a few stones overweight too.............hes a feeder you see.

he makes gorgeous choccy cakes and will keep buying me goodies…or should that be baddies?

I don`t have the willpower to say no.

innit a chuff?

luv Pollx

Thanks Teresa and Poll.

I think it’s the nicotine addict inside of me that’s trying to say that it’s better to smoke than be fat… but I’ve told the voice to F’off!

Patting myself on the back… which is quite funny when you’re called Pat…

Love Pat x

My hubby saw my last post to you and laughed when he saw I had written ‘pat yourself on the back’. He said it was a great pun but that was not my original intention. Anyway, Pat please pat yourself on the back! Love Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Teresa is right you have managed to give up smoking, and i know how you feel regarding putting on the weight, I unfortunately only put weight on my torso . so the pounds that I have put on all reside there , tried a jacket on the other day and looked down , looked like big bird, I have found that I have put on weight and am bloated due to the mad medicines they keep trying to throw down my throat, but my late mum used to smoke heavily as did my dad(reason why I don’t smoke) however she took a heart attack at my age , now she was always small and round so we all thought it was her weight, but consultant said no it was the smoking, she chucked the smoking and when she went for a checkup five years later consultant said her heart was back to the ways it should be for her age , so as teresa says well done.

Thank you Trish! Makes me feel so much better. It’s easy to kid yourself into thinking that extra weight will be as bad as smoking, so may as well smoke … but many years ago a doctor said to me that if you only ever do one thing for your health, it should be to give up smoking (should have listened to him them… but hey, at least I’ve done it now!)

Pat x

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to say well done, and thank you!

Me and my hubbie gave up smoking nearly three months ago now following his heart attack, and because of what you wrote on here re: e-ciggies, we gave them a go, and have to say, they really helped get us going! Its tough though isn’t it? and we are both a little more ‘cuddly’ than we would like to be, but, so what? Added winter warmth!! xxx

Well done you two too!!! YES it is hard but I am finding it does get easier. I’ve gone pretty much all afternoon today without even thinking about it at all. I’m surprised at just how much my body has responded. Everything feels different. My chest feels clear and I’m not coughing although I do have a bit of a raw feeling in my lungs. Apparently that’s normal. Hope so.

I do feel more emotional but I have been thinking that all that emotion was there before, but I would just bury it under nicotine and tar… which, when you think about it, is very hard on the body. Not only chemicals but buried emotion as well. So now when the tears flow I think that it must be a good thing.

Thanks. It helps so much knowing that others have done it as well.

Pat x