to weigh or not to weigh (not MS)

Morning pals!

Some of you may recall I am following the Slimming World diet. Been on it about 13 weeks now.

I wasn`t able to get weighed anywhere, due to standing difficulties.

Well, I`ve bought some scales on ebay. They have a remote read-out bit.

So this morning, my carer tried to get me onto them. No, no good. I just can`t get on and stand without wobbling all over the place.

Hubby had an idea. I got to standing with use of Tina. (she`s my turner…get it?)

Then Elvis joins in and more wobbling happens.

So, my wheelie`s seat cushion was removed, scales put in their place and I sit. Yes, I do go down with a bit of a bump.

Read out says 88888…wot?

Up again and down again…this time they tell me what I`ve been wanting to know…13st 11lbs

Humph! I would`ve preferred a lower number…but hey, it does mean I have lost around 2 stones, from when I started and sat on another set of scales.

When I get down to around 11st 7lbs I`ll be chuffed.

I`m still enjoying the plan immensely.

As the SW teech says, Onwards and downwards!

luv POllxx

congrats poll!

i have lost around a stone but that due to not being able to eat! the loss is welcome tho

ellie x

Whoa… 2 stone is fantastic. Wish I could lose 2 stone!

I can’t diet properly (have tried and failed)… but for past few weeks have stuck to a ‘no sweet stuff and no snacks’ diet. This has maintained my weight at 12 stone in a period when I started on Amitripyline again (and would expect to put ON weight).

Well done Poll. And well done working out a way to weigh yourself.

Pat xx

Well done Poll - l have been following the Hairy Bikers with their diet - they have certainly lost some weight - but will they stick to it. l think it is the beer with them. lts Aldi’s Rich Almond Chocolate bars that are my downfall.

Chicks are eating well - daughter calls them the vultures. Still getting through their weight in food a day. As soon as they see me they get all excited as they know its food time. Shall be glad when they are big enough to go into their house/run in the garden.


Hi, 2 stone is a fantastic achievement, you should be very proud. Well done! Cheryl:-)

Why are you not able to eat hun? Are you ok?



Why are you not able to eat hun? Are you ok?



Fantastic Poll, well done hun