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Hiya folks - joined slimming world last night - first weigh in 16 stone 4 lbs (aaarghhhh) going to try and shift a few lbs before I get completely obese…support/stories appreciated…back next tuesday but have a weekend in Liverpool to contend with before that…



Hi Stephen Do you use facebook at all? The members there share some wonderful recipes, tips & tricks. I did WW and still maintain my goal weight but my Mum does SW and thinks that’s the better diet of the two Good luck in your venture to lose weight and remember the most important tip fridge pickers wear big knickers :smiley: Sue x

I have an app on my phone called My Fitness Pal and I managed to lose over 3 stone with it. The reason I suggest it is that it has an amazing list of foods on it and if you have a phone with a camera you can scan bar codes. And if you go out for a meal you can look up Wetherspoon meals etc.

Good luck with the diet. Just remember not to deny yourself all treats cause you will just get fed up and have a massive blowout. I allow myself one 2 finger kitkat in the afternoon. Its only got 107 calories and its a nice bit of a treat


If you like ice lollys but dont have enough sins try freezing bananas absolutley scrummy Sue

Thanks folks- Sue,not on facebook but on twitter, like the sound of the 2 fingered kit-kat in the afternoon but will that not be the slippery slope…will take all advice, so keep them coming…cheers…

hi redman

good luck with the diet but keep it in perspective.

dont let it take over.

everybody needs a treat occasionally.

carole x

Hi, I went to SW, but couldnt get on the scales properly, so I registered 6st and then 2st. The true reading would`ve been 15st ish! But as my sister was a member, the leader let me attend classes for nowt!

Actually I did go through the joining stuff and asked to be weighed after all the other members had gone.

Then I had my fees returned and the leader actually had tears in her eyes for me.

It is a great way of changing eating habits and I reckon I lost around 2.5 stones.

I dont go now, as my sis doesnt. But we try to keep to the plan and do give ourselves treats 1 day a week.

Look forward to reading how you do.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Been a target member since 2006 when I reached target losing 2 1/2 stone. Seven years on I’m still at target, I attend and stay to class every week and feel this is important, no point stepping on the scales and leaving, stay for the image therapy. I do the extra easy plan and find it suits me well. If you need any help please feel free to pm me.

Hey Redman, SW has really helped me. I started on 7th May 17stones, 11lbs… Morbidly obese as I’m not that tall. As of yesterday I’m 14stones, 4lbs. I find the food quantity amazing, image therapy brilliant and it’s not a diet. Just healthy eating and meeting up with others who are sharing their journey with you. Good luck with it all. X x

Great answeres folks, really appreciated, keep em coming…

Hey Redman

I would just like to direct you and others to a useful site which I have found useful. I’m not on that much of a weight loss diet (saving my lard for inections!) but my wife was on Slimming World and managed to lose about 2 stone and keep it off. She was never a member but just followed advice on this website. We follow a slimming world approach to food and try to watch what we eat.

I think the sites brilliant, users post their food diaries, photos of the meals they have eaten and have weekly weigh ins, anyway have a butchers and all the best with it.

Hi Redman

I’m not sure if it fits in with SW but the Hairy Bikers have lost lots of weight by switching their favourite meals for lower fat options and have a new book out. You can have a browse in the shops to see what you think. They do creamy curries and goulashes for instance.

There are also lots of SW recipes on my favourite site -

goodtoknow is the best place for easy recipes - I have the magazine delivered to my door every month.

Good luck, look forward to hearing about the new, slimline you

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey - fingers crossed…jaws wired…

hiya…i joined slimming world last year after my 3rd baby lost a stone was happy at that but recently decided im ready to lose a bit more luckily id kept the stone off so was happy…ive now lost 7 lb in 3 weeks! my advice is to really fill up on the free foods and always write down everything you eat i find i go off track if i dont…good luck. xxxxx

I also did swimming world and lost about three stone really quickly. I finished about 18 months ago. It was great, the only diet I’d ever been on. I had the cooked bfast everyday, found it easy as I could continuously eat lol if you’re a picker then it’s a great diet to follow, good luck x

Big weigh in tonight, fingers crossed, had weekend in Liverpool and tried to be good…

Good luck Stephen hope it goes well for you.

What I found useful is to have a cupboard clear out and clear out all the treats etc - I get graze boxes delivered each week which are all measured out into calories - and I printed out pictures of me at my heaviest and put then on the fridge and the cupboard so that every time I went to get something to eat it would make me think about it first. Also drinking water a lot helps as it stops the feeling of hunger when it might actually be that you are thirsty. The only real way to loose weight and keep it off is to eat less, eat healthier and exercise as much as possible. And to allow yourself a little treat occasionally to stop you from craving it and then gorging on it

Good advice - thank-you

Good luck for tonight. Look forward to reading how you do tomorrow.