a shadow of my former self

Afternoon friends! I was about to post a new topic and then spotted an avatar type shape on my blog.

Where did this shadow come from? Not noticed it before…?

Anyroad up, here`s my reason for posting;

Ive now been on Slimming Worlds extra easy food plan, for 9/10 weeks and am really enjoying it. it`s easy to follow.hence the name!

But, I still havent been able to get weighed anywhere. Ive asked my GP if she can refer me somewhere for this.

Another but…when using my hoist, I have just started using a different colour loop on my sling. Why?

Cos I was slipping down into the sling........Why? Cos I reckon Ive lost over a stone now!!!


luv, a former shadow of myself Polly!

Well done Poll,i lost a stone and half,and dropped a dress size, started cutting down last october,thing is i have started putting it back on now,because i have started eating sweets again, need to get back on track,pretty soon though,oh if only i could get rid of ythis sweet tooth of mine lol…

jaki xx

Well done to you too jaki!

I have always thought it is easier to lose weight than to maintain weight loss. Yes, I have been down this same road a few times!

luv POllx sweet tooth is satisfied by the gorgeous Muller Lite fat free yogs…even got real chocolate in them. Yummy!

l eat very healthily - then start on the chocolate - my favourite is from Aldi’s - the one with almonds - and the hazlenut one.

Only trouble is l eat the whole bar. l have tried to keep cleaning my teeth - and drinking water with lemon juice in it - it does seem to help the craving for sweets.

Poll, lts when your trousers fall down that you know your diets worked!!

Well done

l have lost 7lbs - just by not eating bread/cake/biscuits - apart from the weight loss l actually feel better for it.


My trousers do fall down!

Better watch out, or I might get done for indecent exposure!

luv Pollx

Your avatar Poll - looks like you have a riding hat on - have you taken up Polo?

Fantastic news - hospitals will have wheelchair scales. How to access I’m not sure. You could ask you GP to refer you to a hospital not gp dietitian. Otherwise sometimes when I am driving I see signs for public weigh bridges not sure what they are. Again many many congratulations big pats on back loosing weight is blooming hard with reduced mobility Hugs - Min xx

Some years ago, when on hols with hubby and children, the girls and I went horseriding…supposedly on horses for novice riders. My horse decided to bolt and i had expected the tutor to rescue me. She didnt! She later told me that had she galloped to my aid, the other 2 horses wouldve joined in and the result would be total mayhem!

So when I realised I was on my own, I shouted to my ride, STOP! BLOODY WHOA! He stopped.

Ive never wanted to get on a horse again.....and I wont!

I thought my shadow`s hat looks more like a hard hat on a building site!

luv Pollx


Not sure whether you are following the plan yourself or doing it online?

I lost 6 stone after having baby in 1994 with Slimming World.

I have been really immobile for a few months but can now get in a cab to go to class and its my one trip out and I love it. They all help me and are very kind to me.

You would be a wonderful ambassador for SLimming World to prove that you can lose weight even if you are ill and housebound. I have found it much easier than I expected to lose weight on the plan while fairly disabled.

Please call them on 08448978000…I bet they would have a consultant round your house with the scales in no time!!! Go on Poll I DARE YOU…XXX

well done poll!

i have a shadow where my profile pic used to be.

are we in the twilight zone?

carole x

Whats happening with these on our profiles,why have we got them on,does anyone know.?

jaki xx

Well done Poll. Great stuff - keep it up! Teresa xx

Go Poll!

Well done

Karen x

Well done Poll

I wish I had got the willpower to avoid the process of eating…I dont really care whether its healthy stuff or rubbish,I just seem to want to keep eating for the sake of eating.

I might try telling myself if Poll says no I will say no and see if that works.

My current plan of trying to come off Gabapentin to see if that will help is causing pain so thats not the answer.

Anyway well done you and thats despite you going on hols twice isnt it?


Hi Poll

You go girl, well done.

Pam x

Hi Min, I have asked my GP for a referral. i`ve seen the chair style scales.

luv Pollx

Hi Pip, yes I have been on 2 hols since starting my healthy eating regime. Thing is my sis, who is also one of my carers, comes with us and is also doing SW. Plus my daily carer, Bev, is on it too. The three of us jolly each other along, with hints and tips.

By the way, Poll does say NO!

luv Pollx

Hi Gill, I do go to a SW class. I paid my joining fee, but was unable to get weighed. The counsellor said to put a wooden board on my wheelie, then put the scales on that and then sit.

It didnt work. I weighed 6st, then 2 good. So she lets me go to class, but not as a member and i still get the class oomph necessary to carry on. Plus I dont have the pressure of a weekly weigh in and that`s a good thing!

I`ll let you in on a little secret…I used to be a counsellor for SW and WW a long time ago!!!

Well done you for losing all that weight and for keeping going to class.

luv Pollx

Thanks pals, for the words of support.

luv Pollx