getting weighed-any tips? (not exactly MS)

Hello eveyone, I wondered if anyone had a way of getting weighed. I have bad balance,and getting weighed is hard. I have tried using both old fashioned scales (the ones with a dial) and also digital scales. Because my balance is so bad the scales dial/display wobbles up and down, and because I’m not standing still the reading is no good. I have tried leaning againg the wall, or holding onto the basin, but then the reading is too low. I have seen some hospital scales (I think they are really for obese patients) but I can’t afford those! What can I do? I am trying to lose weight and not getting weighed is very awkward! Can anyone help, please!

Lynne x


l should not worry about weighing yourself. lf you are on a diet you will soon know by your ‘waistband’ if you have lost any weight. lf you keep getting on the scales you will get demoralised as we can go up and down by a few pounds during the course of the day.

But you could put your bathroom scales on a chair/stool and sit on it - with your feet off the ground [no cheating as you will need someone else to read the dial.]


Yes was going to suggest not bothering weighing as well cause you’ll notice it in your clothes. Or you could weigh yourself with someone else and take their weight off?