Losing Weight

I dont know if anybody else has had this experience, but here goes. Before my diagnosis I decided that I would do myself a favour and try and lose weight due to having had mobility problems for some time. I am quite large and dieting has always been a problem but I had made my mind up to try. I have been quite successful so far having lost around 4 stone, but the more weight I lost the worse my walking has become. At present I am off sick from work and have been for 2 mths due to the mobility problems. Is there a connection here or am I just on a down cycle. Tony

Hi, I haven’t noticed this, I am on a diet too, I have lost 17lb, so have only another 7lb to go to hit my 2 stone target. My walking isn’t brilliant at the minute, but that had started before I started to lose weight. I have bought myself a vibration plate, and have found this to be brilliant. Just doing simple things like standing on it, or sitting in front of it with your feet on the plate helps. I definately feel that I have more energy now too. Keep losing the weight, and just try simple things such as stretches for you legs, and this might work well. Lynne x

Dear Tony, I think that I know where you are coming from. I can’t exercise (properly) so the only solution was to starve myself (or cut down to only 2 meals a day). It wasn’t easy and I stayed ‘hungry’ most of the time - I did loose weight after what seemed a long time - only problem is that I stopped the regime and put it all back on again. Will keep an eye on the replies that you get! Your’s in ‘understanding’, Marcus.

Well done to Lynne & Tony! I was not doing too bad and lost about 3 stone about 4yrs ago but I have put it back on and am struggling to loose any again :frowning: I have got the MSS dvd about exercise but not had it long but exercise is a challenge and I know I have the odd little treat don’t think I eat too bad either :roll:

I have been going to weight watchers since January 2010 I have learnt all about portion control and generally eating better, up to now I have lost 2.5stones it has been difficult since being on steroids in August I ate my daily points and I’ve either stayed the same or put on 1 or 2 pounds every week, this week was the first week I have lost 1lb, so I’m hoping and praying I start to loose a bit every week now

I have lost almost 2 stone now needed to do something my weight was getting out of control!!! Sitting around more and stuffing my face not good!! So am now in a good place and doing well, now i feel the difference in everything and all for the better still in the same amount of pain. But and still can’t walk much but the bloated feeling has gone. I feel better look better my clothes hang a lot better and my confidence is back, i still have a way to go but i need to do this my health is only going to get better and i need that! I often fall and can’t always get myself up my kids often are the first one to help and i don’t want them to struggle to get me up everything i loose helps them to so that is my goal !! Keep up with it Tony i’m sure in time you will feel the benefit Tracy x