Dieting: The impossible dream....

Hello, everyone.

I’ve actually managed to lose weight over the last 6 months (two stone). I decided to write down my thoughts if anyone’s interested. Recipes and routines can follow.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Well done Steve I have been sent by doc to slimming classes and have found the whole thing stressful as they can’t weigh me properly as I can’t keep still on the scales,so it’s guess work really . But well done you and keep up the good work.


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Well done, Steve! This weight loss is far harder than weight gain, isn’t it! Don’t you just hate people who stand there and tell you it doesn’t matter what they eat - they just can’t put on any weight. I could quite happily force feed them with cream cakes and steroids just to prove them wrong… Have you followed a ‘traditional’ type diet plan?

I’ve also managed to lose just over 2 stone (2 st 3lbs this morning!). My Neuro said to me that I needed to lose weight asf I started struggling with walking, it would be easier to get around if I was lighter. I pointed out to her that if I couldn’t walk, I’d lose weight naturally, as I wouldn’t be able to get to the fridge. I’ve got a very questionable sense of humour, I know! Anyway. My doctor recommended I cut down on my carbs, which I did. I started with having less than 20g a day, and now try and stay under 50g per day, and it has made a huge difference. I do miss things though, especially bread and pasta.

Keep up the good work! Perhaps there should be a slimming thread, where those of us dieting can support each other. I know a few people on here have been trying to lose weight…


Thank you ladies.

It’s funny that everyone is insisting that I will find it easier to get about if I’m lighter. But the fact is that it’s not about strength, it’s about movement and balance. There is an element of weight related benefits but they are more to do with general health than movement. The main motivation for losing weight comes down to control and vanity. Little seems to be within my control these days. My mobility is severely limited and I rely on my wife to do almost everything for me. But losing weight gives me a good level of achievement. It’s something few people can do successfully surprisingly. Having a will of steel actually gives me a buzz.

I think a weight thread would be a good idea.

Best wishes, Steve.

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I dont diet, but what i did was i got rid of my dinner plate and traded it for a much smaller plate, and now i keep at a really good weight for my height. I am chuffed as I still eat well but just dont eat so many calories as I am more sedantary. I just have about 1500 calories now. I am never hungry though ever.

I cant be doing with all this phaffing about with colour days, calorie counting etc lol.

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Hi, I started a weight loss thread just after Christmas. I had my strong head on and felt in the right frame of mind to try.

8 weeks later I think I’d maybe lost about half a stone. I can’t get weighed, due to zilch mobility and no standing ability.

One member here and me started pming each other, with weight loss in mind.

We have now become good buddies and weight loss is difficult for both of us, but we are trying.

My current resolve isn’t as strong as it was back in January, but I won’t give up.


Hello Poll.

Yes, trying to stand on a set of bathroom scales is an achievement in itself. Blink and you miss your weight. I know there are local facilities with a sit down weighing machine but, sigh, life is too short. I’m really going by the fit of my jeans.

Best wishes. Steve x