Feeling fat!

Hi All Today I feel FAT! I have never had a weight problem , but I am aware of late , oh boy , the pounds have gone on! I imagine that it is a combination of moving around slower and much less and Pregablin. My 2 children keep going on about it , in a not very nice way that youngish children do , and tonight I felt so sad when my 10 year old Son proclaimed that I would never find him a Daddy to play football with now that i am fat!! :roll: xx

Aww, there’s loads of less strenous exercise you can do at home even if mobilty is hard. Speak to physio, also swapping out some gluten based carbs (pasta bread) for starch ones (rice potato) will always help. I’m coeliac (fully allergic to gluten) so have learnt loads about what balancing carbs do to the body, they can reduce or add to fat levels much more than fats themselves can, much more than people think. :slight_smile:

i have the opposite problem need to put some weight on can i have some of yours pls xxx

I am now 9 stone 2. I know that it’s not fat but I was 8 stone all my life and in the last year it has been creeping up a pound at a time. I know that age (now 41) is a factor and of course mobility, ppms so pretty much wheelchair bound when outside the house, but I have a low fat and carb diet and try to exercise everyday and I cannot move even one pound except creeping on pound by pound. My only question now is what else can I do?I don’t want to end up being hard to push around in my chair. This isn’t only a vanity thing although I never saw myself as fat but it’s not going to help my health is it if I start piling on the weight now. God I’m so frustrated. Any advice please :evil:

Ah, that was an unkind thing to say! I have got very flabby since going full time in my wheelie. I did start at a gym and swimming, but get so cold and cant warm up for hours. Being less active would make anyone gain weight. bet youre not that fat anyway. luv Pollx

I know how you feel I had been about eight and a half stone for years and I had a very active job as a waitress so kept nice and slim(even looked good in a bikini at 50) Then suddenly dx with PPMS and mobiliy has gone downhill in the last 3 years and weight has crept on, more since I have been on pregabalin Just weighed myself just over 11st…which is’nt that bad for someone of 5’ 7" but its not me :frowning: jax

Hi, I know the feeling well! After going on pregabalin and amitryptiline, my weight was creeping up. I went from a slender 10/12 to a 14 and when it was this was getting tight I decided that was enough and I wasn’t going to get into a 16. I bought a vibration plate, which is great (I can’t stand on it most days but just sitting on it is good). I also started a diet (Slim fast at first, but am now being just more careful in a ‘normal’ diet). I have been doing this diet for 9 weeks and I have lost 17lbs and am amazed! If I can do this I’m sure you can. I found that telling everyone I was trying to lose weight was a good motivator as people kept asking me how I was doing, but not in a nagging way, and it feels good to be able to say I was losing weight, and this took over from people asking how my MS was!. You can do it! :smiley:

Stop the cheeky little rascal’s pocket money until he learns to mind his manners! Alison x

Thank you all. I love the idea of stopping his pocket money - perhaps I should buy some slim fast with it instead! Very interested in the slimfast and vibration plate. You have the same growth spurt as me ,I was a 10 and now heading rapidly toward a 16 !!! May I ask what a vibration plate is? Love to you all x

Hi,my vibration plate is called Vibramax… It has a base that vibrates very fast which make your muscles work much faster than you can work out doing exercise. It also has a handle you can hold on to. You stand on the plate and try and hold a position such as a squat. I have to hold on,but the idea is evantually you can do it without holding on (but that is hard!).The good thing is you can just sit on the base and hold your core muscles (tense your tummy and bum) and even this works. I got mine from Ideal World shopping tv channel, it was £80, and you could pay over 3 months, so not too bad! There is also a web site for you to look at which would give you a better idea than my poor description! Lynne x

Hi all

I am new to this site, it seems very friendly! I too want to lose seven pounds as my weight is creeping up over the last couple of years, only to 8st 8lbs but I was always fit and slim but its around the middle and its so darn hard to shift, like a kangaroo pouch! I am very down about it as I dont want to end up over-weight AND disabled, It seems very vain us all moaning about a few pounds but those pounds add up! then mobility will be all the more harder as we get older so we MUST take care of ourselves

I am definitly going to look into a vibration plate Lynne, have any of you heard of the I-joy Twist, it is for core and back and it is a great machine, not cheap but it works the right places, my new phisio was quite intrigued by it and even had a go! it is on the web if you google, please let me know what you think, ps has anyone ever thought of Liposuction, I keep on thinking about this! but I need to win the lottery!

Mee too!!!

It’s so sad isn’t it - illness can take away so much!

and no it’s not just vanity! - it’s the loss of that ‘feelgood’ factor x

I’ve been slowly putting on weight over the past couple of years and over the last 2 years when my symptoms have been getting worse I’ve had what can only be described as a “Mahoooosive fat spurt” !!!

For me too it seems to be all around my middle and the top of my arms - but I have a really small bum with skinny - scrawny legs!!!

Don’t get me wrong I really don’t like the ‘thin’ look - I used to be so tall & skinny my nickname was Beanpole!!! I hated it! I absolutely loved it when I actually got myself some boobies after the birth of my son!!

Now I just feel washed out and haggard - I’m 49 but have aged ‘10 years’ over the last 24 months. My face is puffy, red and round. My eyes look like I haven’t slept in months. My teeth are even deteriorating rapidly!!

Even my hairdresser has just let me down so badly that I cried for days!! I have always had a healthy, thick, slick and shiny dark bob - yet the last time I went - just when I could have done with the confidence boost a good haircut always gives a woman - she totally trashed my hair! It looks utterly manking!!!


PS If I won the lottery I’d have EVERYTHING sucked x

that could have been me saying all that!!!

since mobility has been an issue I have put on 2.5 stone. Was borderline fat anyway before MS!!! Am now in a size 16 and am only 5 foot!!! I keep being told that my MS would be better if I weighed less but even being told that does not make any difference!!! My Son (who is 21) constantly refers to me as a size 22 and am obese!!! He keeps telling me that I am outsize in clothes shops!!

Oh well, off to have 2 currant buns for lunch (with butter of course)

after reading some of these replies I can tell you I’m not taking pregabalin even though my nerve pain is bad, I’ll stick to gabepentin, and stay fairly slim, love Jean x p.s

Feel for you, i have the same problem, i have gone from a size 10 to a 16,due to lack of mobility, i hardly eat anything, BUT i must admit i can eat the wrong things, biscuit, chocolate etc, but not a lot of them either,so i decided to do something, i have lost 1 1/2 stones in the last 6 months, and am now a 12- to 14, i still need another stone off though, and for the last 8 weeks i havent really watched my diet, due to a relapse but i am going to get back on track and loose the rest for the summer months.

I do plates excercise, which can be done even when in bed, they strengthen the core muscles, and are really good.

jaki xx

wow I am sooooooooooooooo pleased with your loss. Well done and I think I shall think off you as the lid comes off the biscuit tin!!!

Hi there

Kizzy clare…your lack of sleep problem, I used to lie awake worrying for ages and had very sleepless nights, you may already take this but I thought Id help, BACLOFEN you need to take this, I take two tablets at night and I sleep like a log, 9 Hours, getting up once for a wee! it relaxes your muscles and is a totally safe drug to take. please let me know how you get on if you do take it.

Has anyone looked up the Ijoy twist??? I mentioned it earlier, I did 50 mins on mine today at speed three, really swinging my arms, its actually good fun! I usually twist while watching loose women!!! there is a very informative video on you tube and also a really silly one! works your core back and inner thigh and I dont go off balance,


Herd here!

Or take away his xbox.

Sit him down and explain to him just how sad and hurtful his comments were. Maybe he just doesn’t know how much it upset you. An explanation may make him think in future.

Here, here That was meant to be. Typo!