how chuffin` much??

Hi all. Just got back from wheelchair services, as I needed to be assessed for new support cushions.

Tried several and kept getting up and down using an etac patient turner, like the one i have at home. After a few times, I was getting a bit tired, so then they hoisted me up and down.

After all the cushion testing, I asked about being weighed…eek! I had to be done, didnt it? I hear some of you saying, No, why? Well it was just something I felt I had to do, after my good dieting for 7 months last year. And yes, I did enjoy Christmas and all it`s goodies…should that be baddies?..whatever!

Anyway, I drove onto the weighing platform, in my wheelie, of course, a reading was taken…it meant chuff all to me!

Then I was hoisted again, so the wheelie could be weighed without me.

The therapist did a few sums and muttered different numbers. I heard 12.5st mentioned and felt Oh, I like that. Then she did another sum and said 18st 11lbs. I aksed Whats that then? I was flabbergasted, indeed my flabber has never been so chuffin gasted!.. when she siad You are.

Nay, no, nay, i cant be 18st!` I cried. She looked at me puzzled and i repeated myself.

So then a chap who had been watching on said, Come ere! Let me do that sum`.

This time the sum came back as 14st 11lbs. I asked for confirmation and yeh, that`s my weight!

Well as much as I dont like the figures, its a lot chuffin better than 18st +, innit? Plus it was afternoon, I was fully dressed and I havent been` today! Must count for a few pounds, eh?

So yeh, back to the diet and Slimming World. At least I dont get weighed there, but can just sit in and listen and get inspiration from the other members. I reckon I lost around 2 stones last year.

If I want to get weighed again, I just ring up wheelchair services and make an appointment.

it could be a couple of months before i do that again!

bummer, innit?

luv Roly Poly Pollyxx

dont let it get you down

you’re still our lovely poll

and if there’s more of you that must be a good thing?

carole x

Poll poll poll - 2 stone weight loss is absolutely amazing - go girl go and keep on going. Fantastic weight loss. It’s just so blinking hard to loose weight and you have done it. You may not think it much but they say slow steady weight loss is the best and you are more likely to keep the weight off. Your kcal requirements will be low which makes weight loss even more difficult. So again it is just so amazingly fantastic that you have done so well. Please keep going and don’t be scared to go back to be weighed perhaps every month???!!! You need to know how you are doing so you can adjust your diet if necessary. Please keep us updated Hugs min xx

The therapist obviously needs to improve her maths. It would have been evident by looking at you that you weren’t 18+ stones! Teresa xx

i hate my body with how i can gain and lose wheight. As long as i excersise i lose wheight regardles of what i eat and end up at 13ish stn stop excersising or have a relapse and i end up at 20stn in a matter of weaks i hate being the size i am at the moment and i dont get how i can put so much wheight on so bloody quickly luckily with now cycling 7miles to and from work 4 times a weak it will drop again james

Thankyou all for your oh so kind words of support.

I`m feeling better about myself now. That weigh really did get to me.

I`ll let you all into something now.

When i was 25, I joined J& M slimming club. Anyone remember them? (1977) I began at 12.5st…and just as I hit my target of 9st, the class leader left and i took her job! Then I left and gained it all back, plus a bit more, as you do!

Then at 38 I joined WW, weighing in at 15st.7. 15 months later, I was 9st. After 2 yrs, they offered me a job, which I took. I was 40. Then I had a boob lift and tidy up!!! Wow, did I think I was the bees knees. I really loved doing the job, helping folk to lose weight and become healthier.

But I continued to lose weight, as the manager was always telling us to! I finished up at 8st 4lbs. People said i looked too thin. Hubby called me his little bag of bones! I didnt listen, I was on cloud 9, having gone from a size 24 to an 8!!!

5 years later, the weight was creeping back. I felt my body slowing down…it was the start of my MS like problems.

Last May, I weighed about 16st.-ish. I did try to get on my own scales, but couldnt stand still or for long enough to get a proper reading. My sis mentioned wanting to lose a bit of weight. As she was always the tiny one of the 3 of us sisters…an excess stone to her felt bad. Yet me and our other sister always carried much more weight.

So, sis and i joined SW…the consultant was lovely (she still is!). We tried several times to get me on the scale. We even tried putting a board on my wheelie seat, with the scale on that and then me on top. The reading was 6st…or 2st! She had tears in her eyes when she said she couldnt enrol me. But she was more than happy to let me go to class for free.

If any of you are interested in losing any weight…and this is only my thinking, SW is a fab, easy way to do it.

luv Pollyx