There's nothing makes me reach for the remote quicker than .....

The theme tune for Eastenders…I don’t think I’ve watched it since the resurrection of dirty den.

Just thought I’d put it in the mix

Jan x

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I think I must have stopped watching around a similar time to you Jan. What a doom and gloom show

The only soap I watch is Neighbours-cheers me up


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Neighbours are having some kind of anniversary this week I think, as a couple of their actors have been popping up on other shows. Is it still as feel good as I remember?

Just realised I’ve missed the start of Ordinary Lies, Still one of the perks of no longer working is I can catch up during the day?

Couldnt agree more Eastenders must be the most depressing thing on tv, unless you count the news.

On a lighter note, Gogglebox isn’t to be missed some of the funniest one liners I’ve heard in a long time

Jan x

Neighbours are celebrating 30 years on television Jan

I have never watched Gogglebox, not even heard of it. Will take a look.



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Does Susan Kennedy still have MS only when it suits her story?

LOL JAN… im the same as soon as i hear that junk im on the remote like a rash!! the only thing that can make me move quick i should get the tune to play in my legs…TC.

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I hadn’t watched for some four or five years, but did tune in for the anniversary specials.

There weren’t many faces I still recognised.

And even some characters I still remembered had been replaced with different actors, which was confusing.

The final Lucy - the one who was murdered - was in my opinion no match for the suitably sly and sullen little minx who’d played her before. Not that I’m saying the actress is like that in real life, but if she isn’t, she was excellent at playing it.

The replacement seemed too nice and normal to be as devious and scheming as Lucy was known to be. And not even superficially like her in looks, with the exception of being bottle blonde - which seems mandatory for all women in Walford, except those who are black.

Speaking of which - shocked that Denise was apparently with Ian. What would she see in him?

It makes me laugh that most of the women are reasonably smart - intelligence and appearance-wise - but all team up with such dead losses of men. Doesn’t it ever occur to them to get out and find someone who’s not a thug or a serial love rat - or both? It seems even the most cringeworthy blokes seem to pull someone well out of their league!

Haha, it’s a bit of a laugh, anyway.

And then Cathy turned up! At least, although it looked like Cathy, I was confused whether it could be her, as surely she died years ago, in South Africa (or somewhere)?

No, I’m not losing the plot - another EE resurrection! Your character being dead is no bar to coming back on the show!



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ho jan- great thread, nice one!

sadly i can’t agree as me and mrs fluffy are ardent ee (and corrie) fans. we like gogglebox as well, and neighbours is one of mrs f’s guilty secrets.

somewhat defying my gender i don’t watch any sports on telly, but don’t have an active dislike for them. the things i really hate include

last of the summer wine

keeping up appearances

big brother

loose women

songs of praise

hope i dont offend any fans of the above, fluffyollie xx

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I agree with most of your list for room 101, Ollie.

​I didn’t use to mind Songs of Praise once in a while, although I’m not especially religious. I used to know and like all the old hymns, because we sang them at primary school.

But since that’s had a revamp, to make it all trendy and inclusive and happy-clappy, I find it’s no longer for me. Much of the appeal was nostalgia. Got exactly the same problem with my real local church. They have “songs” on the overhead projector instead of hymns, and a band (guitars, drums and electric keyboard) instead of a church organ.

And I couldn’t even say the Lord’s Prayer any more - which I’ve known by heart since childhood - because it was so dumbed-down it was unrecognisable.

It’s all very well trying to make it appeal to everyone, but it doesn’t appeal to those of us who have fond memories of what a traditional church service used to be like. :frowning:


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Fav programmes…Gogglebox, QI, Pointless followed by Two Tribes, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Room 101, anyone see a theme going on here oh and The Great British Bake off, The Great British Sewing Bee, Strictly, Question Time…I obviously watch more tv than I thought.

Square eyed Jan x


i watch emmerdale and corrie.

it’s the wayward male characters that i like.

cain dingle, although he’s much better behaved these days he can still turn on that menacing stare.

callum in corrie too.

tbh they are the reason i watch them.

gogglebox - that gay couple are becoming famous!

the posh pair are worth watching for a laugh.

the dramas are excellent and i missed the one last night.

got all cosy to watch it in bed, popped my baclofen and promptly fell asleep!

so will watch it on catch up.

carole x

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I watch Jeremy Kyle when I want to be reminded how lucky I am. 2 mins usually does it-have done twice this year



I hate reality TV or any program getting so-called celebs to do stuff (other than strictly come dancing). I can’t stand Russell Brand or Ricky Gervais and Janet-Street-Porter is the most rude person (on TV or otherwise) I have ever seen. Even if she is on a program I like, I will switch it off.

I’d rather read a book than watch a lot of TV thats on these days - although I do love Holby & Casualty. And I never miss Doctor Who - never!!! And Revenge (from USA on E4)

JBK xxx

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Anything (other than a children’s programme) with a garish primary technicolour studio set and lighting that looks like a nightmare-ish play space designed by and for giant, malevolent monster babies.

This filter cuts down my viewing options very considerably.


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l still watch Eastenders - only in hope of seeing some real ‘cheerful cockneys’. And yes Tina - it was Kathy who appeared in the live programmes. Now how are they going to write her back in. Corrie and Eastenders are full of characters who live in small terrace houses - do not seem to work full time, if at all. And yet they all have the money to eat in the cafe - drink in the pub at lunch times as well as evenings. Not many of them have cars - l noticed. But how many can you get living in a small house like that. And where are all the babies/toddlers - whose looking after them when the mums are in the pub or at work.

l love all the quiz programmes - Only Connect - Pointless- Two Tribes - University Challange - Eggheads and Countdown. Plus 8 out of 10 cats.

Gogglebox is one of my favourites. To begin with l thought they were all actors. Love Steph and Dom - especially when they had Nigel Farage visit them. Sandy/Sandra who are always eating take-aways in front of the tele. ln fact they all seem to eat with a plate on their laps. The family with upteen Rottweilers - is a bit like my house - although we only have 2.

Love the new Poldark- and the new series Ordinary Lies and Nurse with Paul Whitehouse - My husband did not realise that all the characters were Paul in the most amazing disguises. OH actually thought it was a documentary about health visitors.

l usually record the programme series and watch them when it suits me - so l do have a lot of catching up to do. l have a little black box by the tele. lts magic - records as well as pauses live tv if the phone rings or l need the loo. Best £45 ever spent.

l would not be a good candidate for gogglebox - as l hardly sit down for more than a few minutes. Have to keep moving - standing up and sitting down - squats - and doing some Pilates exercises even when sat down. l soon seize up if l do not move. lt does not take long for my brain to forget to send the impulses to my legs!!

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just one comment…

fluffy, oh please dont put Mrs Bucket in room 101.shes the best straight faced comedienne Ive ever seen!


Not quite as good as Mrs Slocombe, surely?


Good or bad we don’t get the comedy series we used to get…did anyone watch Cucumber? I watched the first two couldn’t get into it…I wasn’t impressed with the new Open all Hours either.

I blithely tell people I don’t watch much telly, then I start counting up the amount I do watch I series link quite a lot of new stuff then never get round to watching them, I don’t seem to have the concentration span to watch for any length which is probably why I like the 30-45 minute quiz shows.

Watching the budget today…riveting!

Jan x

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no Alison, Mrs Slocombe was not as good as my Mrs Bouquet! Not for me anyways!



Now now Ladies, what would Mr Peacock say!

Jan x