There's nothing makes me reach for the remote quicker than .....

Since the New Year I have studiously avoided all political programmes.

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Well krakowian, you may just find the next couple of months a bit challenging!

It’s football that gets me reaching for the off button.


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Hi boudica, I’d not put Patricia routledge in as she’s great. I just hate the programme itself. Do you remember her playing

‘kitty’ in ‘Victoria wood’ show? She was fantastic…

That was quite risque for the time, wasn’t it? I was a kid and didn’t know what they were getting at when they talked about her upset, and every time she said the word the audience would erupt…

Same here Ben… we must be the only men who don’t like watching sport…

since splitting from hubby i’ve barely had to watch any sport, yay (englands weekend win was good tho’), apart from 8 or 9pm dramas i find itv a complete switch off. the wonderful game of thrones is back in april.



Re Eastenders; how many Bartenders, Market Stall Holders, Launderette assistants, Fish and Chip shop owners, Postmen etc, would be able to live in a 3 bedroom semi in outer London costing c.795k on the open market?

Seriously, the show is in need of a REAL makeover!

Same goes for Corrie; communal terraces on pebbled streets within easy commute of Manchester city centre are occupied by tech entrepreneurs, solicitors, accountants and architects; not shop workers, hairdressers, factory staff or the unemployed.