Stools. The sitting variety.


Well the OT insisted I tried a perching stool in the kitchen so I could do some chopping and cooking, but I just haven’t been able to get on with it. As a result it’s going back on Wednesday. I’m going back to a more sumptuous version with nice comfortable arms which doesn’t give me a sense of unease. Think James Bond and the ejector seat in his Aston Martin. (Goldfinger?)

Hopefully this will get me back in the kitchen again. Apart from a sharp knife, what other things might help? I really would like to save my wife some of the chores.

Best wishes, Steve.

I can’t help with info on kitchen aids etc as up to now I have managed without. I do buy prepared veg which are good for casseroles slow cookers are invaluable. They are also useful for soups. I live alone so don’t do much cooking but once a fortnight I have friends over for a meal, I prepare as much as possible the day before so it is ready for cooking on the day. Depending on what we are eating I sometimes get it all ready in serving dishes and microwave it when we want to eat.

I too have a perching stool it lives in the garage

Jan x

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Hi Steve,

Thank goodness, I thought it was just me. Can’t get on with mine at all. Seems to make my legs and arms weaker. No idea why.

Its so frustrating, I thought it would be just the thing for doing my ironing as well. Really disappointed.

also it’s very ‘hospital looking’

Mags xx

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Anyone tried one of those saddle type stools. l have seen them advertised - some extremely expensive - down to really cheap ones. l have ridden horses all my life - up until the last year. And l know how a saddle is so good for your lower back - holds you in a proper position.


Iv’e got one iv’e had it for ages, i wasn’t keen at first but now i find it very useful…When it first came it reminded me of a high chair without the tray, the children laughed at it … but actually i find it very useful, its usually left near the ironing board but often when i’m washing up i sit on it, or if i’m stirring a pan. It looks a bit lopsided but i think that to push you more forward, its not meant to be comfy


I’m glad it’s not only me… I gave my perching stool to my dad who sits on it while drying the dishes. I found it really hurt my back leaning forward to reach the sink or kitchen worktop and I fell over the legs while using it for my ironing - the legs are too splayed. I know they’re like this for balance but it’s not practical.

I’d also love feedback from anyone who uses a saddle stool as I’m thinking they’ll be more practical.

I must admit that I also buy a lot of frozen or prepared veg as it’s much easier and just as good for you. I’ve also got a kitchen counter built at table height without cupboards underneath so I can sit on a normal chair to prep food as my kitchen isn’t big enough for a table.


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I bought a cheap saddle stool a few years ago and it’s now an essential (if tatty) part of my kitchen. The seating position is more natural and being on wheels, it helps me scoot around.


Thanks Whammel - l will look into getting one. l still have my old saddle - perhaps l could get that on to a base with castors.

My family thought l would fall off the saddle stool - when l showed them the item online. Especially, as they know l can fall off a horse easily. But you know the saying - lf you fall off your horse - you must get straight back on.


Thanks Whammel, they look more user friendly than the perching stools. Are they unstable on carpets?


I don’t have a carpet, but can’t see how that would affect stability, although the wheels might not move quite as freely. The height is adjustable and your feet stay firmly anchored on the ground, so never feels remotely like tipping. Also, there is no stretching involved, as the wheels enable you to manoeuvre it into the correct position.

Assuming your core muscles can hold you upright ok, it should be fine.

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Whammel, There are so many of the saddle stools on sale - Some very cheap and others very expensive and some inbetween- which one would you recommend.

Gosh that’s a tricky question. I bought one on Amazon for about £25 and just wanted to establish if it was going to be any good, without spending a fortune. After four years the plastic seat has started splitting, but the rest of it seems to be holding up ok.

My next purchase will be a better quality model and although the reviews are probably a bit questionable, I expect I will be guided by them to some extent.

Sorry it’s not much use.

Thanks Whammel. It’s definitely something I’m considering, your posture on one of them has to be much better than on the perching stool and I’m less likely to fall over the legs.


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l can just picture myself sitting on a saddle - but on Nelson - our rescue donkey. He is not much bigger than my rotties - now there is another idea. At least they are house-trained.

l could of course - wear my riding crash hat - Just in case l take a tumble at the first fence!!!

Thanks Whammel - you have been a help. l will look for one a bit more upmarket then the cheapest.


Hi all

i have just had a quick look at these. How do you get on? Do you have to lift your leg, and would you not whiz off mid saddling up? I’m not very balanced

You adopt a slightly wider stance to accommodate the saddle and then just sit on it, like any other stool. Perhaps try one out in a shop if yo have any doubts.

I have a saddle stool too…mine is actually a bambach which is occasionally advertised in MS Matters…it’s brilliant it improves your posture …feels very secure and is extremely comfortable. I use mine on hard flooring and carpet, both are fine.

I bought mine, for a fraction of the cost of a new one, on eBay.

I also could not manage a perching stool, I gave mine to my father in law who thinks it’s wonderful!



Thanks x

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Thanks Nina

Cath x

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I think I’d struggle with the saddle stool, getting on would be scary for me as not much to hold onto, I guess it’d depend on height. The perching tool makes for a good walking frame at least so if I’m wobbly, I just hold the handles and lean

Spacejacket, do you ever ride at all now? I know which horse I’d want to sit on as she’s like an armchair but I have no idea how I’d even get on, I’d struggle to get up onto the mounting block! I can’t imagine trotting as my legs just aren’t reliable and a sitting trot after not being on horseback for about 11yrs fills me with fear, especially when I don’t think I can put my weight into one heel very reliably…I wonder how the hell I used to do that.

Sonia x