Perching stools

Hello lovelies ,

I’m looking at perching stools at the mo and want one that is not too clunky and folds up. I’ve seen a couple that look okay but none seem to have a foot rest. As I’m only a tiny wee geordie lass, all I can picture is my legs dangling in the air. My feet need to have contact with something as my legs won’t stay still if not supported. I soooo love to cook but can only stand for a few minutes and even then I’m hugging the bench…Arrrrgggghhh!! Stupid stupid MS! Sorry peeps, I don’t know where that came from LOL!

Anyhoo, any advice gratefully received.



Hello Oonagh

Had a quick google and you are right… they don’t have foot rests!

However bar stools do… this link has some on sale with foot rests…

Wonder if one would work for you?

Loved your little outburst Sometimes it’s good to shout at the beast!!!

Hope you’re having a good day. How’s work going?

Love Pat xxx

Hi Pat,

Great minds and all that. I’ve been trawling that website for a couple of days but they don’t seem to have any folding ones. My house is very dinky and my kitchen, although perfectly formed, is also dinky so I need a stool that can be put away. If only the folding ones I saw on amazon had a foot rest.

I’m having an okayish day. Catheter doing my head in and very wobbly(not the catheter LOL!), oh, and to top it off I have blepharitis!

Work going okay, I’m just doing 2-3 hours a day. Having a bit of a problem using my monitor as I have optic neuritis that just doesn’t want to go. Speaking to my GP on Monday and will ask about steroids. OCC health next week to discuss my phased return to my work place.

Hope you’re okay today Pat.

Off to do my physio workout



Hi Oonagh I have a perching stool and use it mostly to do the ironing. My hubby does most of the cooking as he works from home now full-time. Even with the stool I find it very difficult to cook as you still have to keep getting up and down and my legs just don’t like that! Hope you find one to suit you. Sorry that the bladder clinic haven’t sorted you out yet. Just looked up blepharitis as I didn’t know what it was. Sounds a real nuisance - I suffer from very dry eyes, so have recently got eye drops which seem to be helping. Think you definitely need steroids for the ON. I’ve been very lucky - haven’t yet had it! Hope the physio is helping - mine just seems to be causing sore quads and making my legs weaker. Am only doing it every other day atm. Take care, Teresa xx

Didn’t knaa you were a Geordie lass pet! Where aboots?

The reason I ask is that I went to see these guys this week and wonder if they can help.

LOL!!! Just outside the city center but I live in the Lake District now. Interesting link. Will have a look thanks.



Hi Teresa,

Re the blepharitis: I’ve had it 8 times and its normally when I really stressed! It also leaves a cyst on my eye that takes months to go. I’ve had it in both eyes…its seems to alternate I use golden eye ointment and that usually does the trick after a few days.

I’ve only been doing the exercises for a week so I’m going to keep going…I’ll try anything (within reason).

My appointment at the urodynamics dept isn’t until 25 Feb!!! I’ve probably ranted about this in another post but can’t remember. I’m calling the MS nurse on Monday and also have a phone appointment with my GP on Monday so will discuss it with them.

Hope you’re having a good day Teresa?



Hi Oonagh, At least February is here now but it is a long time to wait. That’s all we ever seem to do! Hope the blepharitis is zapped by the golden eye ointment very quickly! Glad you are speaking to your GP and MS nurse on Monday. I hope they both give you practical help and moral support. Keep doing those exercises but don’t overdo it - unlike me! I’m not too bad thanks. Take care - especially with your hands! Teresa xx

Hi Oonagh

I got my perching stool from my OT nurse l just said l was thinking of getting one and she sorted it for me as she did my walking sticks and wheeler and did not cost me a pennytry them first they are there to help us. regards Jan

Hi Jan,

My OT showed me the perching stools but they don’t fold and are really big and clunky I don’t think they had a foot rest either. Thank you for you suggestion Jan. Me thinks what I want doesn’t exist, so onward with my search



Hi oonagh I had my perch chair for about month now its heavy and no footrest and doesnt fold my OT just sent one I use now and again luckily have galley kitchen so worktops close to steady myself if need (which usually do) Steve

Hi Steve,

My kitchen is square and small. I just lean against the bench for a couple of minutes, sit down for a few then back to it again. Think I will have to resort to some kind of bar stool.

Thank you all for your suggestions.



I have two perching stools in my kitchen and they are my life savers! I wish they had wheels though so I could zip from the cooker to the sink insteadof having a stool at each place

I have two perching stools in my kitchen and they are my life savers! I wish they had wheels though so I could zip from the cooker to the sink insteadof having a stool at each place