perching stool

Can anyone recommend a decent perching stool for use in the kitchen ? I’m struggling to stand for any length of time and the normal stool i use is not comfortable or practical, i also have a torn disc in my back.

I don’t mind spending a bit if it’s going to be useful.

Hi, why not ask for an OTs assessment? I have bought things myself, only to find they have made my problems worse.


I use a saddle stool and find it is much better for my back. These ones are ridiculously expensive, but will give you idea of what to expect.

My Mum got me my stool (bless her) this type. I’ve not attached the arms to it.

and it’s comfy, but not practical, basically because I have legs, and a perching stool/kitchen unit combo doesn’t allow for 'em! So if I need to use my stool I have to position it at a 45 degree angle to the worktop, and twist my top half to face what I’m doing. If I had a breakfast bar type area it would be great. Also if I could put my legs on back to front, I suppose!

Is that similar to your practicality issue, lisar?

HA! The example pic on the website shows exactly the unit/legs issue!

Yes, exactly ! If she wants to get any veg prep done she needs much longer arms !

I don’t know how you get around this issue because twisting to the side isn’t ideal when you have a bad back

Yes, i’ve seen these advertised before and often wondered how comfortable those saddles are ?

I suppose they take a bit of getting used to.

Do you have a bambach or something similar ?

I bought a cheap one from Amazon a few years ago, just to establish if it would be ok, and pleased to say it feels like a very natural position to sit in. The wheels are handy for a bit of scooting around too.

I expect to replace it soon with a better quality version, as my prolapsed disk definitely prefers this type of stool.

Perhaps you could try one out in a shop first?

i had a perching stool similar to the one above but like shown it was difficult to get to the work surface but the main thing i found that the back legs stuck out and i kept tripping over them, so in the end i gave it back to the adaption team it wasnt right for me , I hope you find something that suits you Barbara,xx

Go too your local mobility shop and try them out , my local shop is great and very helpful and I know if something breaks I can take it back and they will sort it out for me ,just had my rollater fixed on guarantee even though it had run out .

I have to watch out for catching my foot on the leg of mine as I go past it too, it’s tucked in next to the freezer when not in use, I walk past it not around it, but it will still catch me out sometimes.

Even having a counter that you could sit beneath would only partially solve the issue with a stool like mine though, wouldn’t it, because you’d have to sit on it then hump it forward underneath the counter to get comfy, then struggle to work it back out again to stand up again. Not good options for people with compromised stability!

Ideally you need one that swivels and has wheels, like Whammel’s does. Even with normal counters you’d surely manage better than with a stool with sticky-out legs, as you could tuck your feet on either side if your body allows you to do that.

my son uses mine when he is using his decks, mixing his tunes.

i use it occasionally when i’ve had a rush of blood to the head and start planning fancy meals!

i mean it’s good if i have loads of veg to peel/chop.

carole x

Ive started using an desk chair or operators chair, as they get called. I think it’s great cos I can adjust the height up & down and since it’s got wheels I can scoot about my kitchen from fridge to cupboard really easily. Since it’s a proper chair it’s nice & comfy too, not the hard plastic seat you get from the perching stools. It’s also fun some days… simple things an all that :slight_smile:

Have you tried using the perching stool with the cupboard doors open? That’s what I used to do when I had one. Then your knees have somewhere to go. It’s not perfect but it does help a bit.


I just have a normal high circular seat stool, like a bar stool.( bought from a charity shop £5) Means I can turn any way I want - cooker to worktops. It’s been a life saver as I can make gravy, risottos and stir fries again- lots of standing and stirring.

Good luck.


Sue you know I wondered about that after I posted yesterday, but it went out of my head again straight away afterwards. Thank you for suggesting it yourself and reminding me! I think I’ll go try it out and see if it’s a workable option. Be right back!

Well yes, that can work! It’s not perfect, I’d need to completely rearrange the stuff on the counter to be able to line the chopping board, open door and chair up squarely, and that’s not a realistic option. But it’s a HUGE improvement on having to sit twisted sideways!

Sue, you’re a doll, thank you!!

No problem jelly. I’d read this thread yesterday and didn’t remember until it suddenly came to me in a flash! I hope it helps.

Sue x