Kitchen chair/stool recommendations

I’m looking for a chair/stool I can use primarily in the kitchen and would be interested to receive suggestions and experiences of forum users.
Friends and family have suggested I check out:
Vela Tango chair from Vela.EU
Antlu Saddle Stool
Bambach Saddle stool
Great to hear other suggestions and if anyone has experience of any of those above.

I find a saddle stool is a good solution, but obviously it depends on your level of disability. Best to try before you buy and see if it suits you.
This review by an MSer should give you some idea of what to expect.

Saddle stool to move around (

Interesting selection. It depends very much on how your disability affects you.

I already have a perching stool (actually it’s a chair with backrest and arms) but the seat is angled very slightly forwards so you don’t sit “in” but on/against the stool. Height adjustable and makes getting up and down very easy. I also like the arms and backrest because I have chronic lower back pain and the arms & backrest give me more stability or comfort.

The saddle stools look very comfortable but might lack the stability I need. The perching stools are about the same price as the Antilu saddle. Can’t see prices for the Bambach but it looks expensive with lots of options.

Each to their own,. The Vela range are for a different type of application I think.


I have a perching stool, it has a slanting seat, easy to grip arms and is height adjustable; I certainly find it useful in the kitchen. It was NHS issue about ten years ago now, I’m not sure if they still offer them. It is simply a white metal frame with a white padded seat. (It is not a thing of beauty).


Thank you for your reply.
What make of saddle chair do you use?
Has it a back rest?
Has it arms?
Can you lock the wheels.
Grateful if you would share further.
Again thank you for your input.

GCCK— thanks for your input.

[quote=“GCCK, post:3, topic:73675”]
The saddle stools look very comfortable but might lack the stability I need. [/quote]
I wondered about that too.
Grateful for other users views

Thanks for this. I’ve checked stool out and it’s ‘definitely not a thing of beauty’ but it most certainly seems to do the job.

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Sadly, I can’t remember the make because I must have had it for ten years, but it was about the same price as the Antlu. The wheelbase is quite wide (52cms) and helps keep it stable.
No backrest, as I just use to it scoot around the kitchen. My core strength is ok though.
No arms and you can’t lock the wheels, which has never been a problem.

Of course, it’s not much of a guide, as we all have different mobility issues. I hope you find a solution that suits you.

Thanks whammel.
Your response has been very helpful.
I plan to follow-up on the saddle seat route.
The basic Bambach saddle seat starts at £500 to £600 before VAT (You can claim the VAT free by making the usual HMRC declaration)and can be customised in a number of different ways, colour, back rest, specialist castors. No doubt each choice will add considerably to the final cost.
The Antlu Saddle Stool is the stripped back basic stool. Can’t be customised. Amazon price £85 incl VAT.
I’ve found an even less expensive one at Robert Dyas HOMCOM Faux Leather Saddle Stool With Moulded Padded Seat Adjustable Height Black. Price £32.99 incl VAT.
As you counsel ‘try before buy’.
I’ll visit the local mobility shop and trial the Bambach stool and see how I get on.
Once again thank you to all who have taken the time to respond to my original posting.

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Hi I love my Bambach stool and although it was expensive I wouldn’t want to be without it. I can scoot around my kitchen. You can alter the height and tilt. A representative from the company will visit you at home and you are allowed to keep a stool at home to trial.

Might be worth checking the heights of the various saddle stools.

I already have a perching chair and the seat base is set at 58cm high, which is perfect for me, sitting at a kitchen worktop and similar to breakfast bar stool height. I’ve been thinking about a saddle stool as well, to scuttle around on rather than sit still in a fixed position. The Robert Dyas HomCom one is a bargain at £38 incl. delivery but shows 45-57cm high - I wonder at what point they are measured at, in view of all the curves? Designed for a therapist, they may be intended for use at a seat height similar to an office or dining room chair, which would be too low.

I’ve recently been given one of the perching stools from Occupational Therapy…many times refurbished and a bit cumbersome but yes, pretty useful! It allows me to stay in the kitchen to keep on top of any cooking tasks. And to sit to chop things etc. If I leave the kitchen to sit own, I tend to forget to go back in!

And me… many a good meal has been ruined.


Good point. According to the dimensions shown on Amazon, the Antlu Saddle Stool can be adjusted to 74 CM’s high and the important wheelbase is 52 CM’s. These measurements work fine for me at 6’4", so should be ok. Like you say, it depends on how your disability affects you.

Vey interesting reading thanks for posting - I’ve had a saddle stool for probably 10+ years it’s been fantastic and been reupholstered twice. The site I bought it from (Hairdressing supplies) no longer exists and a new version I bought is a bit different - smaller seat which tips forward a bit too much to be comfortable but I was able to buy a longer gas shock enabling me to rise higher (too high could be dangerous!). Recently though I’ve developed painful lower back problems and I think it’s because of trying to go forwards on the stool, so the Vela chair which offers back support as you go forwards, looks interesting to me, thanks for mentioning.