Bambach saddle stool

Ok, i am one week into a 30 day free trial of one of these and wonder why i didn’t purchase one earlier !

For those that don’t know about these, they are a wonderful stool, with castors and a saddle type seat (think horsey !).

It allows me to do all sorts of things that i have been really struggling with.

I use it in the kitchen to sit and prepare food/drink. I can move round with ease from sink to fridge, washing machine etc. It is easy to propel along the floor, completely supportive of balance and feels very safe and stable.

It has a gas lift, so easy to raise and lower as required .It takes a bit of getting used to the seat, as you have to sit like a man with legs spread open and when i get off i walk like John Wayne but i walk like that anyway .

These stools are aimed at people with disabilities and back problems and it is proving extremely useful for me and giving me some independence back. It really helps with posture and core muscles.

As i suffer with extreme fatigue, on days that i can manage, it is invaluable and saves my weak and painful legs no end.

One downside, it is very expensive but i have decided an expense so worth it for a better quality of life.

I won’t be sending mine back at the end of the free trial ! Just thought i would share another of my new best friends

Anyone interested :- www.bambach



Lisa - Thanks for your ‘personal recommendation’ - l have wondered about getting one - but the price put me off. l did order a much cheaper version of it - and 'cheap’was the word. l complained and did get a refund. l would never have been safe on it - and l have ridden horses all my life.

So l am more confident now to actually trial the Bambach. You get what you pay for.

It took me a long time to decide, as like you the price put me off, but you are right you get what you pay for and i hope this will serve me for many years- health permitting.

The sales rep that came around was extremely helpful, no hard sell at all.

I had an assessment as an MS user and he spent a long time making sure it would benefit me, making sure i was fit/safe to use it. He then got me to give it a trial run using it for what i needed, whilst he observed me. Still no obligation to take out the free trial at this point.

He then measured me up for it, i chose a colour to suit and it was ordered. I received in within 2 weeks.

The free trial lasts for 30 days and then if you decide to keep it you pay at the end of the trial. If you decide it’s not for you, you send it back by an arranged courier and pay a £35 charge for doing so.

I think this is a very fair way to try before you buy with very little outlay.


p.s. i am still loving my topro olympos


Thanks for that info. I too have looked at them and been put off by the price.

My only question. How do you sit at the kitchen counters comfortably. Where do your legs go? I have always found sitting down at the kitchen counters difficult as I don’t have a space below them for my legs to fit under!

Do you use it for ironing? I have serious problems with standing for any length of time. Not only with the poor MS legs but I also have a serious herniated disc which causes me a lot of problems too.

I am glad you have found a solution and I hope others do too.


Looks good but about twenty years to late for me unfortunately Your link didnt work so here is another link

Glad your getting on so well with it


Hi Anne,

I originally tried a perching stool which didn’t work for me at all. Like you say, sitting at kitchen counters- nowhere to put your legs and a need to sit sideways, therefore not good for your back.

The thing with the bambach is that as you can change the height to suit very easily, whilst seated, that wherever you sit you can get into a comfortable position. I do sit at the counter and as i can get high enough, i don’t find it a problem that i can’t get my legs/feet underneath. I can still get close enough to prepare food etc.

Very often i also lower it to sit at the kitchen table, which is very comfortable too.

I find it so useful for any job i need to do sitting down, including ironing and the brilliant thing about it, is you don’t have to keep getting on and off all the time, which i struggled with, with a perching stool, as it causes strain and fatigue. You can just free wheel around the kitchen, raising and lowering it as necessary depending on what you want to do.

I have a torn disc in my lower back and wish i had bought one of these years ago as it helps to keep your spine in alignment, therefore taking any pressure off inflammed/damaged discs, so helps with pain management too.

If you go onto the website, there is a short video of a lady with MS using one and giving her opinion, i found this very useful.

As i said, you can have someone come out to the house and show a stool to you and let you have a go, then see if it’s for you. If you like the idea, then have a 30 day free trial to see if you get on with it. There is no obligation at any stage, this was made very clear.

Hope this helps,


Hi Lisa so pleased I found your post. I have a sales rep coming home on Friday and I did have reservations about the cost of the stool and whether it would be helpful. Your comments are really encouraging and they have helped me to decide to go ahead with a 30 day trial. Apart from the normal MS weak legs and drop foot I am due to have a foot operation at the end of the month and will not be able to take weight on my foot for a while. As my husband does not cook I will need something safe to scoot around the kitchen on!


Your link doesn’t work either. Try this,

No prices on website so I wouldn’t touch them.

I did not like the Bambach price so I tried a cheap one.
You could say that it was money well spent - or money saved - but I nearly had a serious fall.
I have a left drop foot and minimal control over my left leg.
I sat on and the left leg caused me to rotate the seat, but the drop foot now had my leg sticking out at a rightangle, and I nearly came off backwards.
It is no fault of the stool, but I could not use one.
The cost was less than the cost of returning the Bambach after a trial.
If anyone wants a nameless brand saddle stool, and fancies collecting it (2 miles from J17 0f the M62), I will happily let it go for a substantial discount.


I’ve had a similar stool, bought from a hairdressing supplies company, on the web, for several years - it is brilliant. I’ve recently had it reupholstered - which indicates how long I’ve had it for! I changed the castors for ‘soft’ castors as I use it on a hard floor.

Re the question about where do your knees go… good point - in some locations (kitchen sink!) I open the cupboard underneath, and my knees go in there, otherwise it can become uncomfortable (after about 30 mins).

It has enabled me to use my kitchen/diner in the same way as ever.

On the one hand, I like the sound of these stools. I’d love to get back into the kitchen and try to do some simple cooking. I could even use one at my computer desk. On the other hand, I suffer from problem hips. I have ridden a horse without discomfort, but I don’t know what the seating position is like with a saddle stool. I suppose that’s the whole point of the 30 day trial - to find out if the stool is suitable.

One thing I’d have to ask the rep is which castors are best if I wanted to use the stool at my computer (carpeted floor) and also in the kitchen (hard floor). I can’t afford two stools.

Hi I am half way through my 30 day trial and I will be keeping my stool. I too was put off by the cost of this stool but as I am due to have a foot operation shortly I decided to go ahead with the trial. I have a weak right leg and foot drop. I chose castors for a hard surface but I have found they do work on my carpet. The saddle stool can be tilted forwards or backwards so hopefully you will be able to find a comfy position for your hips as well as a height adjustment. There are two levers on the side of the stool for tilt and height. There is certainly no sales pressure and I found the rep very helpful. I have now found the right sitting position for me to sit and do the ironing and cooking but I am still getting used to moving around on the stool. I was due to have a foot operation at the end of October but this was cancelled and has now been rescheduled for December and as I will not be able to take weight on my foot for a while I am sure I will find the stool invaluable. Hope you find this useful. Sue

Hi , I know it was such a long time ago but do you still use your bambach stool and consider it a good purchase ?
Many Thanks

Hi Julie
The Bambach stool was an expensive purchase but was well worth the money. I use it in the kitchen for food preparation and when doing the ironing.

The company supplied me with a stool for a one month trial which was so helpful in reaching a decision as to whether to buy. I have no regrets!