Saddle seats are they any good ?

Hi everyone thinking about getting one of those stools on castors that have a saddle seat to help me around my house.wondered if anyone had any experience with them and if they think there any good or not plus does anyone know where i can get a reasonable priced one from any info please.

take care all xxx

Yes I have a saddle stool. I bought it a few years ago and it’s great for doing things in the kitchen and around the rooms i can get to on it. It can get a bit uncomfortable after a while but it’s one of the best things I’ve bought to help me continue to look after myself and the household. I bought it not from a supplier of mobility aids but from a hairdresser’s supplier - make sure you get the correct cstors for your type of flooring.

B x

I don’t have a seat like you describe but I use a computer/desk seat (one on wheels) about the house. I can move around the kitchen on it cos the wheels slide nicely on my laminate floor and then if I want I can either wheel it into my utility room or living room, dining room and sit down there on it. I can stand up if I have to but not for long, I just sit on the seat and slide about on it, it works brilliantly for me. Cheryl:-)

Got mine last year & love it it is so easy to get about the flat, Yeeha!


l have looked at these in the Pathways mag. They are expensive so l would like to try before l buy. A office chair on castors that you can spin around in works well - especially as it does have a back/arm rests.

Anything to make life easier. l use my rollator all the time - it has a bag that l can put the phone/remote control in and l can place a tray on it to transfer my plate/mug. And l can sit on it when my legs start to give out. This has a back support and brakes. But you can ‘scoot’ yourself around in it. Also it folds easily to put in the car - just been to my mums to do her hair. l was able to get out of the car - use the rollator -with my hairdressing kit in -and get to mums door ok. l rely on it so much these days. Even have one upstairs waiting for me when l get off the stairlift.

I’ve just looked online and found the one I bought is now £140 though similar ones can be a lot more expensive. There are simpler ones for about £30 (stools on castors, but not a saddle seat). A ‘medical’ one is £400 but looks exactly like the one I’ve got. If you calculate the cost per use, it comes out as very small.