Sorry but feeling down and need to moan

Have been really struggling for the last couple of weeks but today everything seemed to hit me at once.

To start with I dropped my sons electric guitar as I was getting it out (luckily it was ok) my hands are numb and my legs are just tingling constantly, it feels like my trousers are made of brillo pads. I am so exhausted and wobbly my poor dogs haven’t even had a walk and thats my favourite part of the day. I know I will pay for it later as the youngest one will be bouncing off the walls.

The final straw was I couldn’t get the lid off the jam and I just went into meltdown. Stupid isn’t it!! (Don’t worry though I had marmite instead!)

Just needed to whinge, sorry

Have a duvet day and accept some days will bad days.Hubby can walk the hounds later and have a takeaway for tea.

not worth fighting it, accept you cant. tomorrow will come and everything will still be there.

take care


Hi there!

feel free to whinge away! thats why these boards are here. We all need to have a good whinge and what better place to do it? - with people who understand and send you (((((HUGS)))))

Get plenty of rest - it sounds like your body is telling you that’s what you need.

Go and put your feet up until you feel a bit better and don’t feel guilty about it!!!

Teresa. x

Thanks pip, I’m not good at accepting I can’t do stuff. Hubby will walk the dogs but he wont do it properly lol.

You are right, everything will still be here tomorrow, probably all over the floor as usual!!

Thanks Teresa These boards are brilliant and the people are so supportive.

I need to get the kids to do more really, they aren’t too bad but I think they could do more.

Hello again!

I also need to get the kids to do more! I am sat here surrounded by lego that has not been put away and i keep tripping over it!

I had a really good tidy up yesterday just to find the house back in a tip again when they came home from school. What is the point? All my efforts of yesterday have done is left me feeling exhausted today and not feeling like doing anything!!

Teresa. x

It’s the same here, I wonder why I bother even when I’m well! Things just seem to stay where they land. There is 2 trakkie tops on the back of the sofa, a shredded yoghurt pot of the floor (someone gave it to one of the dogs) and JLS are on the coffee table.

I can’t summon up the will to look in their bedrooms

Hi Teresa My boys have certain jobs they do every week ie changing a bed, cooking a meal, ironing, which I think will help them when they hit the big bad world and obviously really helps me but this is really just a tiny portion of what needs doing. I would so adore to be able to afford a cleaner. It would make all our lives so much easier. Although, you still have the problem of everyone’s inability to stay tidy. Oh well, Teresa xx

Hi nikkinakkinoo How do JLS fit on your coffee table? Sorry just being facetious! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa

My kids do have set jobs, emptying and reloading the dishwasher, changing their own beds etc but they wouldn’t think to do something off their own backs. They would walk past rubbish on the floor without picking it up!!

Oh and we have a big coffee table

Hi Teresa

hope we are not confusing everyone with two Teresa’s on this thread. lol!! xxx My eldest needs to buck her ideas up - i am such a soft touch!!!

Nikkinakkinoo - One of my kids is nearly a teenager and i usually avoid the bedroom as much as possible. When i went in there a few days ago i was sure we had had a break in!! lol!! I decided to go for it and it took me 3 hours of graft to make it

clean and tidy - i didn’t even get a thankyou!!! not that i was expecting one though of course!!!


Lol It threw me for a minute with 2 teresa’s and with the same spelling!

My oldest is 14 and he is a nightmare. We have just swapped bedrooms round and hubby spent all weekend decorating his and it looks brilliant. I so know it won’t last!

A thank you don’t be ridiculous!! When my son became a teenager he lost the ability to say please, thank you and T. He generally grunts or say whaaa.

talking of JLS!

my sister took my daughter and neice to see them in March! they said they were fab! LOL!!!

Teresa. x

The rain here has stopped for now but its freezing. I haven’t done anything this morning other than post on here and buy my son a LMFAO hoodie off Amazon!

Really need to bath the pup but it will have to wait. I have remembered why I didn’t want a long haired dog!

My youngest son is mad on them, he was gutted he couldn’t go. He would be so jealous!

We decorated my daughters room about 4 months ago. I am waiting to put in a new carpet (she is on floorboards at the mo) but because i cant keep on top of her mess i have been too embarrased to get the carpet fitter to measure up

but now i have bottomed it - i need to get it done before it goes back to its usual state!

p.s. my daughter and niece have been to see ‘one direction’ as well and my daughter is in love with Niall. ha ha!!!

Teresa - i find it is good to allocate jobs to everyonebut how do i get them to do them???

We put laminate floor down because its easier to clean, not that it will get cleaned if its left to him!

My kids get pocket money and if they dont do their jobs they dont get their money.

My son adores one direction as well, I’m not sure an 11yr old boy is their typical fan especially as he plays electric guitar in a rock band lol

(Can’t fit them on the coffee table though)

I Niall xxx such a cutie!! xx

Eww! In a ‘motherly’ kind of way of course! xxx

Ha ha ha Kizzydane!! You can’t fool us!! lol!!!