Very grumpy today

Need to vent, I am not usually mardy but really quite grumpy today. Feel could explode and shout at someone. Had exam yesterday which left me exhausted and I slept from 7-7 , my husband called me this morning and was wondering why I went to bed so early and seemed annoyed that I had. Sometimes I do wonder if he thinks that I am making this tiredness up. I cannot explain to him explicitly enough that it’s not a regular tiredness and that it makes me feel ill. I am sick to death of not being able to just live a ‘normal’ life as it is dictated by how tired/in pain I am on a particular day and I very very occasionally feel myself resenting my friends who just go about their social lives with no worries ( that makes me sound horrible, I know) Sometimes I feel like a hermit and it’s so isolating. Grrrrr Anyways, sorry for rant.

Hi Dingbat,

It is difficult to explain to people that fatigue is not just tired or just feeling lazy. And not being able to do things that you could several months ago obviously is very frustrating. Thats only human hun, and if you didn’t feel the need for an occasional rant then we would be putting you forward as a living saint.

Plus you have just had a exam so you would be stressed anyway.

Good luck for your results hun


Awe thanks x exam was dreadful, this whole course is horrific. I don’t know why I said yes to doing it. I must be some kind of idiot! Yeah, think it is the frustration. I was trying to explain to my husband that I can deal with pain better than this fatigue. It’s just so upsetting and I guess some days are days when I just feel low about it. I don’t wanna let kids down by saying no to anything so I just try and carry on and then sometimes it just catches up with me! Arghhhh! X

Hi - I understand how you can sometimes feel so grumpy. I am sitting in the shade of a parasol, watching and advising my OH planting baskets and tubs. It is nice, but I would like to be able to join in, even weeding. I have had a few tears as I feel a bit sorry for myself. I also feel very slightly resentful of others who take just walking down the street for granted. I am trying to plant one tub but am exhausted just walking to the back door. Then there are people who complain about working in the garden and say they would rather be lazing about under a parasol with a drink. No-one seems to be happy, whatever their situation. I need to stay cheerful as after all it is a lovely day!! Jackie xx

Hi Jackie, I totally understand your standpoint. Usually I am chirpy but just having a really bad day. Hate feeling mardy so I definitely can’t win today. Kids have just got in from school so best put my happy face on!

Dingbat - this is the place for a rant, at least people on this website can go someway to understanding what you’re

going through.

Jen x

You are allowed to rant, i know what u mean, nobody understands but us lucky ms people. I feel like screaming most days, for no reason other than i damn well can!!! :slight_smile: have a hug x

HI all. Not been on here for ages but “Very grumpy today” just about sums me up too! I’m 68 and have had MS for 50+ years. I can only walk around the house now, and sometimes out to the gate, but I sometimes think it’s a mistake to make the effort to do that. My 25-year-old carer was here to help me with bathing this morning and I happened to say that a friend had taken me to town yesterday, as she does most Wednesdays, and gone to do my shopping while I stayed in the car as usual, watching the world go by. As it was such a lovely sunny day, I got myself out of the car and, finding I could stand up, walked, with my stick, the short distance to where the shops start, then back to the car. I was so thrilled, but of course paid for it this morning with frightful aches and a spectacular migraine, but I didn’t care. I’d done it! When I told my carer she said “You ought to get exercise every day, not just now and again, or you’ll never get better”. Couldn’t believe my ears and am now wondering how long it will take me, if I try to achieve the impossible by walking every day (I wish) to get “better”!!! Love to all, Belinda.

In that case, I best get my trainers on BelindaR and see if a jog round the block cures me! Aren’t people funny x I have been off for a while helping eldest child revise for an exam tomorrow so it’s distracted me from feeling sorry for myself! So glad I can say what I feel on here and no one judges me! X

And frothy, one tub is better than none! So jealous of you gardeners! I have no clue about planting anything! X

Theres a very good download you can get off the site called Managing fatigue. Its good for your own info, but also say, Here read this! This is what is feels like!

Thanks reddivine. Will have a look for that, but my carer has just passed some exam in Dementia Care and that seems to be all she’s interested in. She must think it makes her an expert on all things medical. It’s a lovely sunny day here in Scarborough, so had better get my exercise. Might make it to the back garden (might not). Hope Dingbat feels better for that jog .

I will have a look too! Thank you x Yes the jog was marvellous…

I feel grumpy most days :frowning: and I hate that feeling more than any other

Sometimes I have to take a deep breathe as I am frustrated with the kids but then I’ve to remember it’s not their fault I have ms and can’t do what I want. Carer sounds lovely and sensitive. You wonder where they get these people or why they chose it as a profession. I have a relative who is a nurse and she gives people something for ms can’t. Remember which but is obviously qualified to pass on info that she really isn’t qualified to give, like how ‘I should feel’ or ’ what I should be doing’ or the these people have had it longer but as we all know one relapse can make a heck of a difference and everyone different. But there no telling them . My gran bless her was like she said you should be doing more and she’s a nurse. Felt like saying yes a nurse not a neuro but I just smiled and said ok ill mention it next time I’m in hospital

I think generally people think they are helping and do not mean anything by their comments. It’s just that as you say emfraserburgh, people cannot possibly understand. It would be equally as difficult for me to try and imagine how difficult and life changing having for example, type 1 diabetes is. X